Not my prince charming

by CCB
(Los Angeles, CA)

He was all smoke and mirrors and I wanted to believe the fairytale. After waiting 38 years to settle down with the right guy, I THOUGHT I married the man that God had sent me himself. He was strong, hardworking, loving, spontaneous, and had the same background as me and so loving...or so I thought. Right after we were engaged, after only 3 months of knowing each other (I know, I should've gotten to know him better, but he was good!), things begin to unravel about his character. Soon after we married the deception of who he was came out full throttle.

Let’s start with the lying about his finances. He never truly revealed the real state of his credit, but he led me to believe it wasn't that bad. BS!!! His credit was jacked up! Repossessions, liens, you name it - he had it! He also refuses to let me see his bank statements, hiding them as soon as they come in the mail. Well one day I intercepted a few and discovered all his accounts are in the negative, i.e. he is writing bad checks. I also recently found out he owes a substantial amount in back taxes. THANK GOD we never filed jointly.

Then I found out he had given up full parental rights of his 6 year old daughter to a woman I've yet to meet or talk to, because as he says “she’s crazy”! Well if she was crazy, why did you give her sole custody? Oh by the way, I've yet to meet my stepdaughter and she lives only 3 hours away! He tells me it’s not a good time yet... REALLY! It’s been three years!

Then I realized all the great things he supposedly had going on in his career were straight up lies... He's an actor and told me he had all these great projects coming out, movies, TV shows the whole nine yards... Well, when they came out he was nothing more than an extra! Then he lost the one job he had bringing in some income and stopped paying bills in our home all together.

I am and have been the sole breadwinner for 2 years now, while he tinkers away on his computer saying he is going to be an editor now, but all I see him do is stay on Facebook & Twitter. He started editing school but quit a few months later, claiming he needed to travel with
me so he could take care of me… HA!! I was taking care of us!

Then he got a little job in the mall paying little more than minimum wage when I began looking for an apartment. And that's how I found out about the taxes, because the little bit he was bringing home was being garnished by the IRS!

Now the one good thing he gave me in all this deception was our beautiful son, a child I've wanted my whole life. And I know exactly when he was conceived because we stopped stopped being intimate not long after we married. He is already using our son as a pawn to make me stay in this useless marriage. I worked up until the day before my water broke and two months later I am back to work, while he sits around "bonding" with his son…yeah right! My Mother is there taking care of my son while I'm away on business.

Not even our beautiful, healthy son motivated him to do the right thing and he is so cocky he sits around doing nothing right in front if my parents. It has been made VERY clear to me that this man married me for my money and career status (in some circles, I'm considered a little famous, being an actress on a national TV show), and he will never work or try to bring in a paycheck for me or his son. But he has no problem getting around my friends and family selling wolf tickets about what he supposedly has going on, which in reality is absolutely NOTHING!

Oh BTW, My friends have become his friends and he has already attempted to turn some of them against me with accusations of me having an affair. They so didn't believe him because they know me, but warned me that he is very vindictive and will try to smear my reputation if I try to leave him… Bring it homey, that's what good PR people are for!

But I am officially filing for divorce in two weeks (I’ve got to prepare, like they say) and I couldn't be more at peace about it… Yea I should've NEVER married this man when I started to see the signs, but once again another woman thought "it will all be better once we get married" or "our love will prevail"… Shame on me for believing that hype but I am so AWAKE now and I'm outta here!

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