Spoiled rotten step child

by Jennifer A
(Boulder Creek, CA )

My step-child was spoiled rotten and his dad teamed up against me with him. My ex-husband was a nice man… unfortunately, too nice.

His son took full advantage of the loss of a child he had before me and manipulated him into believing he could see his son and what he looked like. Because of this, and the loss of his 2 year old, he didn’t want this son to get hurt. So he allowed him to sleep his life away (he wakes up at 3 in the afternoon). His dad also allowed him to play on the computer all night and would call the school and say he was sick if he was too tired to get up. He also backed him on failing the air force by getting a dirty drug test.

There’s so much more to it, but the last straw was when his son spit in my face. His dad wanted a divorce because he son was upset. Good riddance, only he stole my money along the way.

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Psychopath stepchild
by: Tonia

I have a real Psychopath stepdaughter. I had the perfect life but I was stupid to get married to someone with a child! My family and friends tried to explain to me that I shouldn't marry him but I never listened. I had so many single options.

After getting married, he started saying that it’s him and his daughter only. So I gave him max one year to move to a different state if he wanted to be married to me. We did move, but the ex-wife wouldn't leave us alone. I am scared of the ex-wife and the stepchild. She likes to kill animals and she has no feelings. If I would've known, I would NEVER marry someone with children. Please don't marry someone with children unless your life depends on it.

Spoiled child
by: Michelle S.

Trust me, I’m in the same situation. My husband and I have been together for 7 years. His son was only 8 at the time; he’s 15 now and spoiled to death. I don't like it because I was raised differently. I was taught tough love. His son can’t stand me.

When I ask him to do something he just looks at me like I’m dumb. My husband lets him stay up all night playing a game or doing whatever. He plugs up everything in my house and runs the light bill up. When I ask him to unplug something, he doesn't. So I will unplug it and then he plugs it right back in.

When his son and I get into an argument, my husband automatically says he’s not choosing between us. I don't expect him to choose me over his son, I expect him to discipline him. But he doesn't believe in whooping his child. His son has called me all kinds of names and he yelled at his son, but of course that didn't do anything. His mother doesn’t discipline him either, just like his father. I’m really stuck. I love my husband but his son is going to be the end of us. What do I do?

by: Taylor

My stepdaughter can do no wrong. Ever. Nothing is ever her fault. She sleeps until noon regularly and plays on the computer all night. I bought her a new computer because my son had one, bought ages ago, and my wife told me it was "only fair" to get her one too. She promptly went on it to tell her "friends" -- other kids she's never met -- how much she "hates" me and what a loser I am. She has the most powerful computer of any of them.

This child does not know the phrase 'thank you' or the concept of thanks nor gratitude. She has no real friends. She's alienated them all except one. And this girl's mom banned her from being around my stepchild saying (probably correctly) that my stepchild is a "bad influence" with the constant cursing, swearing, and screen abuse.

Besides the lack of gratitude, constant cursing, and screen addiction she also has horrible health habits. She eats nothing but junk food. She's a teen who doesn't brush her teeth or shower until told to. She's the only girl in her class with hairy legs and armpits; other kids notice and tease but she says she doesn't care. She doesn't identify as a boy -- she's a spoiled mean girl who just doesn't care (and besides, teen boys shower and brush their teeth).

Think before you get married
by: Cara

Don't ever marry a divorcee with children if you don't have children of your own. They will never appreciate anything that you do for them and you will always be last (even his ex-wife is first). Ultimately, you will resent the fact that you wasted all that time with someone who didn't love you, let alone appreciates the pain and drama you have to deal with.

Do yourself a favor and before you marry someone, think with your head first and make sure you have something in common, make sure there is no ulterior motives (most men with children are just looking for a live-in baby sitter). Life is too short to be wasted suffering aimlessly with the wrong person!

To: Mine abandoned me for his kids
by: Carol

My husband left me after 3 months of marriage too. He took his kids and I never got to say goodbye. Would love to talk with you.

Mine abandoned me for his kids
by: Debbie

My husband told me he couldn't be with me and his 18 & 20 year old kids at the same time. Basically he left me for his ex-wife and started having an affair and used his "old already" grown kids as an excuse.

The truth hurts but well deserved
by: Jennifer A

Your ex-husband is a selfish pig! Telling you to leave HIS house should have cost him the house. Why do selfish men marry to begin with? Obviously he never felt like you were a partner to call the house his, when he should have considered it "ours". Maybe he is my ex's brother. At least you no longer have to put up with the game playing that he was sure to start with HIS kids.

Let me guess - he puts the mother of these kids on a pedestal, like mine did. It didn’t matter that she cheated on him left and right and ultimately left him for someone he went to school with. He even put her on a pedestal after his son told him his mother molested him! That’s the only thing his son told him that he insisted was not true. She moved out of state when he was young and I basically raised him until he became a teenager, and then his dad unraveled all the work I did. She periodically had him visit and got drunk with him and I do believe she could do something like that.

But still, he thinks I was the one that messed him up, as I was the authority figure who would try to get him to do anything, let alone go to school. These men are the ones doing the damage but they are too bull headed to ever even see it. Sorry about what happened, but you will be much better off than having to deal with those daily head trips.

He was selfish like my husband
by: Terri

My marriage broke up because my husband told me he was living for himself and his children (none of which are mine). So I called him a selfish pig along with a few more words… because obviously I was really hurt by what he said. He told me I disrespected him by calling him a selfish pig. So he told me to leave his house after 3 months of marriage. From then on he has abandoned me.

Everyone's wishes came before mine
by: Carolyn

I know how you feel! Basically, I'm at the bottom of the list when it comes to anything. I'm not consulted or asked, I'm told what's going to happen after my husband goes and speaks with his sister and her husband. I'm always wrong and they are always right, doesn't matter what it is, unless my husband is ticked off at them for some reason, then it is their fault. Frankly, all I wanted was a quiet peaceful life and this isn't it. Even his ex-wife comes first. He's told me if she contacts him, he'll go running. I'm just tired of being last in a long line of people that show no gratitude, respect or consideration of my feelings.

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