Child Visitation Information

The topic of child visitation is often a sore spot for divorced parents.  Even though a visitation plan lends structure to children's lives, your feelings about parenting schedules and the changes it brings are probably mixed. The following articles can help you understand your child access and visitation rights, how to handle visitation schedule modifications and relocation issues, and more.

Creating A Visitation Schedule - Putting together a workable visitation schedule can take some time. But it's worth it because it will help reduce confusion for the children and frustration for the parents over the various visitation times and other custody issues. Find out what needs to be included.

Online Child Custody Calendar - If you need an easy way to keep track of your visitation schedule, custody arrangements, and support payments, an online system is the way to go.

Child Visitation Rights - Visitation issues with the other parent are often a thorn in the side for many divorced parents. The following answers from the legal expert address the questions most often asked about visitation issues.

Reasons to Change the Visitation Schedule – Initially the visitation schedule might work well, but when one parent wants to modify the schedule, it must be in the best interests of the child. Find out some valid reasons here. 

Out of State Visitation - While a standard visitation schedule is not practical in these situations, there are ways to enable quality contact with the other parent. Learn how travel expenses can be handled and visitation schedules set up for long-distance visitation.

Holiday Visitation Issues - Even with a holiday visitation schedule in place, conflicts can still occur. Find out more about handling issues with your holiday custody schedule.

Summer Visitation FAQs - Most parenting plans outline how visitation will be handled during the summer. Find out how summer visitation schedules are handled and what you can do if issues arise. 

Vacation Time Issues - How vacation times are handled is usually outlined in the parenting plan. But what if you still have questions or issues with your ex about vacations?

Supervised Visitation - A judge can order supervised (or restricted) visitation if it is believed that the child's well-being will be jeopardized by a regular visitation environment. On this page, our legal advisor answers questions ranging from what factors are considered in ordering supervised visitation to compliance issues and more.

What Makes a Parent Unfit for Custody and Visitation? - Different reasons include a drug or alcohol addiction, inability to make age-appropriate decisions, or child abuse/neglect. Find out more here. 

Custodial Interference – Is your ex interfering with your parenting time or failing to return your child after visitation? Find out the consequences of such actions here. 

Updating Co-Parenting Plans - A parenting plan needs the flexibility to change as your children mature. Here are some tips on how to reassess your current plan and make adjustments to work for everyone involved.

Parenting Time Visitation Schedule Modification - As your children grow up, it will probably be necessary to change your visitation schedule to adapt to your kid's evolving lifestyle. With increasing activities and socializing with their friends, the schedule that was originally established may no longer work. These tips on changing your schedule can help.

Helping Kids Adjust to Visitation after Divorce - When you're newly divorced, it isn't easy figuring out the best way to handle everything. These ideas can help make visits easier on your children.

When Your Child Resists Visitation - What are your rights if you child refuses visitation and how can you handle these situations? These FAQs can help.

Visitation Problems - Most kids will resent the visitation schedule at times, refusing to go to the other parent's house. Here are some tips on what to do when your child is putting up a fight about going to the other parent's house.

When Kids Complain About Visitation - A common reaction for many parents when their kids complain about visitation is to accuse their ex of doing something wrong, and use this as a reason to modify visitation. But their unhappiness with visitation could be for different reasons entirely.

Child Support and Visitation - Just because you haven't received your child support payment this month, it doesn't mean you can stop visitation. Even though the visitation schedule is usually set up when custody and child support are determined, they are not dependent on one another. Find out why.

Handling Grandparents Visitation Rights - Visitation rights for grandparents can be a sensitive issue in divorce, and care must be taken to avoid making it even more stressful. Here's how to approach the situation.

The Wrong Reasons for Changing Visitation - Changing visitation schedules is often tempting when there are conflicts with your ex or if your child is refusing to go, but these are not valid reasons modify or reduce visitation. Find out why.

Inconsistent Visitation - When your ex is a no-show for the scheduled visitation, especially without prior notification, it's not only frustrating to you as a parent; it is especially disappointing for your child. Find out what you can do if your ex is continually late or changes plans at the last minute.

Regaining Control of the Visitation Plan - A visitation plan lends structure to children's lives, but when the non-custodial parent doesn't abide by the plan, it can cause stress to everyone involved. What should you do if your ex doesn't follow the child visitation schedule?

Parenting Teenagers During Divorce - The child visitation schedule that worked when your kids were young doesn't always fit with a teenager's lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how to flex your parenting schedule to keep visitation fights to a minimum.

Summer Visitation Tips - Getting ready for summer visitation with the non-custodial parent takes a little planning and adjustment. These tips can help both you and your kids prepare for when they'll be gone during the summer.

Mixed Feelings About Visitation - When you're newly divorced, it's common for your feelings about the child visitation schedule and the changes it brings to be mixed. Learn how to cope with the changes that a visitation schedule brings.

The Purpose of Visitation For Children - Is the driving reason for child visitation for the benefit of the children or their parents? Looking at it from a child's point of view can help you develop a different perspective.

Making Visitation Easier - Split-family living isn't easy. These strategies can help your children adjust to living in two different households without all the tantrums.

Living In Two Homes - Easing the Transition between Mom's house and Dad's house so the kids feel comfortable at either place.

Visitation Guidelines For A Sick Child - What are reasonable visitation guidelines for a sick child? The following advice can help you sort out how to handle co-parenting during childhood illnesses using a common-sense approach.

Special Food Diets and Visitation - How do you handle dietary restrictions when your kids go to your ex's house for visitation? Get tips on how to get your ex to comply.

Using a Parenting Plan Calendar is an easy way to keep track of visitation times, changes to the schedule, child support payments, and more.

Passport Questions & Concerns - Do both parents need to consent to a child getting a passport? Read through the answers from the legal expert to discover how passports are issued for a child when his or her parents are divorced.

Relocating with Children - Learn about legal considerations to keep in mind before you move and how it will affect the child visitation schedule.

Moving After Divorce - Even if you're excited about relocating to a new area, it will have an impact on your kids. Here's an overview of the different reactions and what to expect.

Relocation and Kids - If you will be moving after your divorce, find out how to make it easier for your kids to maintain their relationship with your ex.

Children and Divorce Issues - Here are other issues that come up when you divorce with minor children, such as custody, child support, parenting plans, how children adjust to divorce, and more.