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Are you looking for advice on relationships? Maybe you're dealing with infidelity or abuse and don't know where to turn. You may even be wondering if you should get a divorce and need some help in making the decision. Possibly you're already divorced and have decided to start dating again, but don't know how to begin. 

Below you will find information and advice about these topics to help you make the best choices for you. 

Considering Divorce

Should I Divorce? - Troubles in a marriage can easily prompt you to ask this question, but take these things into consideration before moving forward.

Deciding On Divorce - Making sure you have the right mindset to make this difficult decision.

Reasons For Divorce - You can read all the statistics you want, but marriages fail for reasons that don't fit into a neat little box, as illustrated by these stories from real women.

Does "For Better or Worse" Mean Married for Life - Just what do the scripture say about divorce?

But I Don't Want A Divorce - How to cope with your emotions when your husband is the one asking for a divorce.

When Is It Time To Go? - If you're on the brink of divorce, here are some things to think through before you make your decision.

When To Get A Divorce - Have you reached the point of no return? Or do you thinks there's still a chance to work things out? Deciding if and when to get a divorce can be tough., so the life coach offers her insight.

Should I get a divorce or stay married? - Help from the life coach to work through this difficult decision.

Deciding to End a Bad Marriage - Recognizing the time has come to leave and making peace with letting go of old hopes and dreams.

Should You Reconcile - It's understandable to have some doubts about whether getting divorced is really the solution to your marital problems. Here is some insight if you're second-guessing your decision.

Divorce Reconciliation - Should you get back with your ex and give the marriage a second chance? Get advice on learning how to trust your instincts.

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Abusive Relationships

Warning Signs Of An Abuser - Characteristics to look for.

Emotional Abuse - Abuse which is just as damaging as physical abuse.

Understanding Psychological Abuse - how it begins and progresses.

When Words Hurt - The pain of verbal abuse.

Rebuilding Your Life After You Leave the Abuse - It is liberating to finally be free. but yet it's also scary. Here are some tips to help you heal and reclaim your life.

When the Controlling Behavior Continues after you leave.

Divorce And Emotional Abuse - How to move forward.

Leaving An Abusive Husband - Tips from the legal expert.

Restraining Orders - Understanding orders of protection.

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Extramarital Affairs - There is more to an affair than just the sex.

Why Affairs Cause Heartache - The damage a woman faces.

Signs of Cheating - Clues that your spouse may be straying.

Divorce and Infidelity Advice from the life coach.

Surviving An Affair - Understanding and moving beyond infidelity.

Signs of an Internet Affair - How to find out if something is going on.

Preventing Online Infidelity and Internet Affairs - Helpful tips.

Spying On Your Spouse - Motives and reactions. 

Is He Cheating Online? - Here are two methods to find out if he's involved in an internet affair.

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Dating after Divorce

Are You Ready to Date? - Just because you're single doesn't mean you're ready for the dating scene. Here are some clues to help you figure it out.

Finding Mr. Right - Your divorce taught you what you don't want in a man. Now it's time to figure out what you really need to be happy with someone new.

Dating Again after Divorce - 7 secrets for post-divorce dating.

The First Relationship after Divorce - An important part of healing.

How to Overcome Insecurities - Getting past the pain of your divorce and learning how to start trusting your own judgment again.

Flirting Tips For Women - How to revive your inner-flirt after divorce.

Dating Rules After Divorce - Getting your flirt back on after divorce.

Are You Ready to Start Dating? - Before you even get started thinking about a new relationship, take some time to make sure you're ready.

Dating as a Single Mom - Ten tips for single moms who are starting to date again.

Dating Tips For Divorced Moms - Ease your kid's anxieties.

Dating Profiles That Get the Click - Boost your online dating chances with these tips on writing a sizzling profile.

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