Strategies To Save Money and Manage Your Finances

Here are some great strategies to save money which can help you get by financially while you're going through a divorce as well as afterwards. Unfortunately, many women see a huge drop in their standard of living during this time and can barely scrape by. But, with common sense and planning, you can survive and begin to rebuild your financial stability.

Below you will find various money strategies to help you survive financially as you start on the journey of rebuilding your life:

Managing Your Finances After Divorce 

Budgeting Solutions & Money Saving Tips

Credit and Debt Issues 

Managing Your Finances After Divorce

Handling Financial Issues After Divorce - Even after your divorced is finalized, there are certain financial issues you'll need to take care of. 

Buying a House after Divorce – If you’re considering finding a home to call your own, these steps can help you prepare for the home-buying process and research your mortgage options. 

Divorce And Health Insurance - Making sure that your family is covered.

Recovering Financially from Divorce - No one needs to tell you how financially devastating divorce is. Here are some strategies to help you get back on your feet. 

Developing a Post-Divorce Saving Strategy - Building a nest egg usually isn't a primary concern following divorce, but taking these steps to protect your financial future is worth the effort. 

Financial Tips for Second Marriages - What you need to think about financially before before exchanging vows. 

Reasons People Should Get A Prenuptial Agreement - What to consider before you marry again.

Premarital Agreement Questions and Answers - Comments from an attorney. 

Gain Financial Independence with these five steps to help you rebuild your financial future.

How Saving Money Gives You Freedom - The benefits of having a nest egg squirreled away. 

Household Moving Checklist - How to save money when you relocate.

Doing Home Repairs Yourself can save you both time and money.

Career Advice to help you find and get a better job.

Worthy Review – is a viable online option for selling your wedding ring after divorce. Find out how it works. 

Budgeting Solutions & Strategies To Save Money

Personal Budgeting helps you get a handle on your expenses and where you can make adjustments that can bring you a positive cash flow.

Free Budget Worksheets to help you see where you stand.

Tips on Budgeting Your Paycheck when your income doesn't seem to stretch far enough.

Budgeting Income & Expenses during Divorce not only helps you determine the standard of living that was established during your marriage, but it will also help you to prepare for the financial realities of post-divorce life.

Financial Survival discusses the financial adjustments that need to be made after divorce.

Managing Finances After Divorce - Take these steps to get your finances under control so you can get by on one income.

Making Ends Meet - Strategies to save money when you are suddenly single.

Ways To Save Money - Simple tips to help cut your expenses and live within your means.

Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping - These tips can help you cut back on your grocery bill. 

The Benefits of Using Coupons - Learn how to save even more money when grocery shopping.

Changing your spending habits- How to survive on one paycheck. 

Cheap Gift Ideas - With a little inspiration and effort, you can give great gifts without breaking your budget.

How Do I Afford Christmas? - Strategies to save money during the holiday season.

Freebies - Try out various products and services without spending any of your hard earned cash.

Credit and Debt Issues

Protecting Your Credit During Divorce - It's important to take steps to protect your credit when getting divorced.

Does Divorce Affect Credit Ratings? - It's a common fact that many people's credit scores take a hit after divorce. Find out what lingering effects this can have on your life after divorce.

Debt and Divorce - How debt responsibility is viewed by creditors when two people end their marriage.

Dividing Debts in Divorce - Protecting your financial interest when dividing the assets and debts.

Divorce and Credit Card Debt- What to do when you can't make the payments.

Overwhelmed by Debt After Divorce? - If you're struggling with debt due to a lower standard of living, you might want to consider possible debt relief options.

Divorce and Bankruptcy - Unfortunately, bankruptcy is the only option for some people. Learn what to expect if you're faced with this situation both before and after divorce.

Rebuilding Your Credit After Divorce - Get tips on improving your credit score.

Protecting Your Post-divorce Credit - As you begin rebuilding your life, it's important to also take steps to rebuild and improve your credit standing.