How To Get A Divorce


The following articles give information about how to get a divorce, the steps that are required, and what needs to be considered during the process.

Preparing For A Divorce - Things to consider before you actually file for a divorce. 

How to Get a Divorce without a Lawyer - Tips for representing yourself.

Divorce Considerations - Here are seven essential areas to focus on when you are splitting up. 

How Men Handle Divorce - Reactions can vary from resignation to total shock and even worse. Find out how to cope if he goes ballistic. 

Five Divorce Mistakes To Avoid - Discover the common blunders that can seriously hurt your chances of getting a good outcome.

Dirty Divorce Tricks - Using dirty tricks to hurt your ex or gain a temporary advantage in divorce can come back to haunt you. Discover which tactics to avoid during your divorce.

Minimizing The Cost of Divorce - different approaches to save money and what needs to be considered with each option.

I Can't Afford A Divorce - Answers from the legal expert. 

When a Divorce Loan Makes Sense - If finances are a factor in deciding whether or not you can divorce, a divorce loan may be an option to consider. 

The Divorce Process outlines the individual steps and what to expect in the legal process.

The Steps of Divorce - There are many stages to a divorce and you will likely have a lot of questions along the way. Find the answers you need to understand what you are facing. 

What is an uncontested divorce? - This is an option for couples who can agree on all the issues that need to be settled in a divorce. Generally it is cheaper and quicker than a contested divorce, plus it can help reduce ongoing conflict if you’ll be co-parenting with your ex. 

The 10 Key Steps in an Uncontested Divorce - Find out what you need to know about getting an uncontested divorce, including the steps to follow and when you should consult with a divorce attorney. 

Divorce Grounds - Find out what it takes to be able to claim various fault based grounds for divorce, as well as whether the ground for divorce can be changed. 

What is No-Fault Divorce? – Learn the differences between a fault and no-fault divorce and what you should consider before you choose. 

Filing Divorce Papers - Getting the process started.

How to Serve Divorce Papers details the various methods of service.

Responding to a Divorce Petition - Learn why it is important to file a response after being served with papers.

Testifying In Court - Here are several things you should keep in mind when testifying in divorce court: tips for how to answer questions, how to present yourself to the judge and more.

Pendente Lite Relief - Getting temporary support and custody.

The Bifurcated Divorce - This process allows a couple to end their legal marital status before the actual settlement and custody issues are agreed upon and finalized. While not allowed in all states, there are advantages to this option.

Why Divorce Takes So Long - Once you've made the decision to end it, it can seem like it takes forever to get everything finalized. Here's why. 

Divorcing a Narcissist - If you’re divorcing a narcissist, don’t expect it to be easy. Your divorce will be viewed as a battle and their main focus will be winning at all costs. These tips can help. 

Divorcing a Mentally Ill Husband - When a spouse is suffering with mental health issues, getting divorced can become a challenging and stressful process. Find out what to expect emotionally and legally. 

How to save on the Cost of a Divorce - Get helpful tips to help you cut your legal fees.

Can You Afford Divorce in Hard Times? - When the economy is really tight, here are some factors you need to consider when deciding if divorce is the best answer. You'll also get tips on keeping expenses down if you choose to divorce.

Divorce Settlement Tips - Agreeing to a proposed settlement just to get it all over with can lead to a lot of headaches down the road. Find out what to look out for when negotiating your settlement so you don't have to live with the financial regrets later on.

Getting a Fair Divorce Settlement - The importance of looking ahead, because what appears to be an equitable division of assets and debts, may not be so fair in the long run.

Divorce Papers - Find out what will be contained in your final agreement.

Signing Divorce Papers - Answers from the legal expert, including what happens if your spouse won't sign, if you need to sign the divorce papers, and more.

Your Final Divorce Decree - Find out how the divorce is finalized, the official date of divorce, and how to get a copy of your decree. 

Marriage Annulment - You can get an annulment if it can be proven that your marriage was invalid from the start. Find out how this is determined and what is required to get an annulment.

Annulment vs. Divorce - These are the two ways to legally end your marriage, but not everyone qualifies for an annulment. Find out what the pros and cons are for each and what the requirements are.

Stopping Divorce - What options do you have if you want to stop the divorce or if you don't want a divorce but your husband does?

Why Dating During Divorce Is Unwise - The strategic, legal, and emotional reasons you shouldn't go out with someone else before your divorce is finalized.

Getting Through A Divorce - There is more to divorce than just the legal process. Taking care of your emotions, physical well-being, and the practical aspects of life will help you emerge stronger.

Tips for a Better Divorce - Getting divorced can bring out the worst in people, but shifting your perception can help you reduce the drama and achieve a more amicable split.

Separation and Divorce: Death and Its Implications - The death of a spouse can have a major effect on estate division and if agreements will be honored. Get answers from the legal expert here.

Compromising In Divorce - Wisely choosing your battles in divorce is vital to reaching a fair settlement and being able to move on with your life.

Reverting To Maiden Name - Questions and answers about changing your name due to divorce.

Can You Modify a Divorce Decree - Some sections of a divorce decree can be modified if circumstances change in the future. Find out what issues can be modified and how it should be approached.

Appeal or Motion to Modify Divorce Decree - If you’re wondering if your divorce decree can be changed, there are certain circumstances when it can be amended. This overview of the appeals and modification processes can help you decide which method you need to pursue.

Enforcing Divorce Decrees - What to do if your ex doesn't comply. 

Divorce Mediation FAQ - Questions and Answers from the Legal Expert.

Divorce Mediation - The benefits of mediating your divorce and who should consider it.

Mediation Basics - Find out how mediation can be used to resolve disputes without going to court and when it's not appropriate.

Divorce in the Military - When getting a divorce in the military, you need to take into consideration military benefits, the impact of no contact orders, how custody and visitation is viewed, and more.

Pet Custody - Who gets to keep the pets when a couple divorces?

Post Marital Agreement Tips - Avoiding mistakes when preparing a post-nuptial agreement.

The Pitfalls of a Cheap Divorce - If your bank account won't cover the cost of hiring a divorce lawyer, you might be tempted to cut corners and use a low-cost service to prepare your paperwork. But you should think about the possible downsides before you proceed.

Financial Issues - A big part of reaching a settlement is determining how the financial issues of your marriage will be handled. Find out who will get the house, how retirement assets are divided, who will be responsible for the debts, and more.

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