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Extramarital affairs have made a lot of women seriously contemplate getting a divorce. After all, if the man who promised to love and honor you can't be trusted, what reason is there to continue on with the marriage? 

I understand how your feel! But before you start making any major decisions (like calling a divorce lawyer), take some time to read through the following articles to help you understand why infidelity happens, learn how to recognize the signs of a cheating spouse, and discover how you can start regaining control over your life.

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What Causes Marital Affairs - Find out what leads someone to stray and why there is more to cheating than just the sex.

Overcoming An Emotional Affair - Understanding what you are dealing with and what to expect from this type of infidelity.

Dealing With Betrayal - Finding out your husband has been with someone else is one of the most devastating things a woman can face. Get tips on coping with your emotions after discovering your husband is cheating.

Coping with Infidelity in Your Marriage - Get tips to help you understand infidelity and what your options are.

How Infidelity Affects Children - You may think your children either don't know about the infidelity or that it won't affect them if they do. It will affect them! Keep reading to understand their perception of what happened and their reactions to it.

Husband Caught Cheating? - Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and make the best of a bad situation.

Signs of Cheating - Here are the tell-tale signs to look for if you think your spouse if not being faithful.

Warning Signs of a Cheating Husband - It helps to be aware of what to do when you suspect infidelity. Learn the behaviors to watch for as well as determine whether you should confront your cheating husband or not.

Signs of an Internet Fling - Learn how to find out if your spouse is carrying on an emotional romance online.

Is He Cheating - Quick online clues that he may have crossed the line.

Preventing Online Infidelity and Internet Romances - These tips can help stop the damage of online emotional infidelity.

Spying On Your Spouse - Discover legitimate motives and possible reactions from your spouse.

Divorce and Infidelity Advice - When you discover your husband has been with someone else, it can be a devastating emotional blow. Here is some advice to help you deal with the discovery and whether it means the end of your marriage, how to rebuild the trust, and more.

Reasons Not To Stray - Understand the damage a woman faces if she crosses the line, not only to her marriage but to her integrity as well.

Choosing a Private Investigator - If you suspect your husband is cheating, it might be time to get professional help to provide proof of the affair. Use these tips to help find a qualified investigator.

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Break Free from the Affair - Stop agonizing and get the answers and strategies you need to put a stop to what is going on, rebuild your self-esteem, and save your marriage.

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