Tracy Achen

Tracy Achen is the founder and editor of the WomansDivorce website. As a divorced mother, Tracy knows how divorce can impact a woman's life. After struggling through her own divorce and the resulting aftermath, she made it her personal goal to help other divorcing women learn what to expect during their divorce and understand how to protect their rights. 

Tracy Achen

As a result, she created the website in 2001 to provide a unique community for all women affected by divorce to come together, where they can find help and support during every stage of their separation or divorce. Because she understands that divorce is more than just a legal process, the site provides emotional support as well as legal information. 

Tracy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and is a Certified Divorce Transition Coach. She is also a legal researcher who frequently writes on all topics related to divorce. Tracy has been quoted in the Ex-Pose Newsletter, and has published several articles both on the website as well as for and B Magazine. 

With an emphasis on divorce in the United States, Tracy’s articles aim to help you: 

  • Manage all the legal aspects of divorce, 
  • Learn how to deal with your children’s adjustment to the divorce, 
  • Understand the wide range of emotions that go along with the end of a marriage, and  
  • Find inspiration for starting over and getting back on your feet financially. 

Tracy Achen is the author of Divorce 101: A Woman's Guide. This is a hands-on book that will give you a clear understanding of your options when it comes to protecting yourself when you separate, how to prepare for a divorce, understanding the legal process, and working through financial matters, custody arrangements, parenting plans and visitation, plus much, much more.

She has also written the following books which complement and are available as bonuses with Divorce 101: A Woman's Guide:

The Ultimate Self-Help Divorce Kit: This resource will give you access to all the tools, divorce laws, and services in your state.

The Smart Woman's Guide to Divorce: Straight answers to your most pressing questions

Surviving The Nightmare of Divorce: Holding it together when everything is falling apart

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Articles by Tracy Achen


Why Dating During Divorce Is Unwise - Even though the two of you are no longer together, hooking up with someone new is not a good idea.

Preparing for a Separation - What you need to think about.

What is a Legal Separation - Understanding the implications when you legally separate from your spouse.

How To File For A Legal Separation - Tips and forms

Divorce Articles

Reasons For Divorce - Divorced women will usually tell you there was more than one issue that caused the breakup of their marriage. Find out what they are.

Preparing For A Divorce - You can avoid a lot of headaches down the road by getting prepared before even starting the divorce.

Divorce Considerations - Don't go into a divorce blind.

Mediation - Resolving disputes without going to court. 

Using Mediation in Divorce - Learn who are the best candidates for a mediated divorce and how the process works.

Divorce Lawyers - Getting legal representation is important. Here is how to find a lawyer you'll be comfortable with.

The Bifurcated Divorce - The advantages of dividing a divorce case.

Financial Considerations - The financial impact of divorce.

Divorce Mortgage Decisions - Find out your options are if you and your husband are both listed on the mortgage.

Divorce Papers - Making sure you have the required documents to address everything properly.

Do It Yourself Divorce - What to consider before taking it on.

Divorcing An Abusive Husband - Suggestions before you leave.

Head of Household Tax Filing Status - who gets to claim this filing status after a separation or divorce? 

Dependent Tax Deductions - Find out who gets to claim the children when filing taxes.

Credit and Debt Issues:

Credit - Having good credit is especially important after you get divorced. Find out how to protect it.

How Divorce Affects Credit Ratings and the impact post-divorce.

Protecting Your Credit During Divorce - Strategic tips.

Rebuilding Your Credit After Divorce - How to raise your score.

Debt and Divorce - Even though debts are dividing in a divorce, creditors can still hold both spouses liable.

Dividing Debts in Divorce - Protecting yourself when dividing debts.

Divorce and Credit Card Debt - Alternative for paying of the lingering debts.

Children and Divorce:

Parenting Plan Overview: What needs to be included.

Child Custody - The various child custody arrangements.

Preparing for Child Custody Battles - Keeping good records.

Children and Divorce and adapting as a single parent.

Children's Questions about Divorce - Dealing with their emotions.

Getting Child Support - how it's calculated, collected, and enforced.

Dealing with Children and Parent Separation - Are you non-custodial parent dealing with the blues over missing your kids and wondering if you'll ever adapt? Here are some tips to help you cope.

Divorce Emotions:

Managing Stress - Tips to help reduce the tension and find the calm you need.

Dealing With the Anger - Helpful tips which will allow you to start releasing the anger and resentment so you can begin healing

Rebuilding Self Esteem - Put the past in perspective and learn how to start loving yourself again.

Depression from Divorce - Coping strategies to get you through.

Healing the Wounds of Divorce - inspiration for letting go

Financial Survival:

Personal Budgeting - Making adjustments to control your income and expenses.

Free Budget Worksheets - The first step in getting your budget under control is to find out where all your money goes.

Financial Survival -Developing the right financial mindset.

Doing Home Repairs Yourself - It's a good idea to know how to handle basic household repairs.

Simple Ways to Save Money - Here are some easy and practical ways to stretch your paycheck a little further.

Using Coupons - To save money at the grocery store.

Affordable Gift Ideas - Here are a lot of ideas to help you save money when it comes to gift-giving.

Household Moving Checklist - Tips and advice on making moving day as hassle-free as possible.

Money Saving Tips - Grocery shopping is challenging when your budget is stretched to the limits. These ideas can help.

Earning a Living:

Job Tool Kit - What you need to get started.

Search For Jobs - Finding jobs that compliment your strengths.

Resume Writing - Showcases your skills as an asset to employers.

Cover Letters can open the door to getting your resume read.

Job Interviews - Getting prepared for the potential interview.

Thank You Letters - Make an impression after the interview.

Finding Love Again:

Finding Mr. Right - Finding a good man the second time around.

Dating Tips - What to consider when you re-enter the dating scene. 

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