Reasons to Sell Your Wedding Ring

The marriage dissolved and your ex is gone, but should you sell your wedding ring or just put it away for now? 

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If your divorce isn't yet finalized, there are some solid reasons to consider selling the ring sooner than later. If you've been divorced for a while, selling or repurposing the ring can liberate you from the negative memories.  

Financial reasons to sell your wedding ring

Woman holding wedding ring and wondering if she should sell it

Divorce is a costly process. There is no denying that it is a significant financial strain: legal fees, alimony, division of assets, tax consequences etc. Dealing with this added financial pressure on top of the emotional turmoil can feel overwhelming. Finding new sources of income to help alleviate this stress is important.

One of your most valuable and yet least essential possessions will likely be your engagement and wedding ring set. Symbolic of the now broken relationship, selling the ring to raise funds for the divorce is a financially savvy move. Cutting ties with your past while financially improving your future is a positive step forward.

When it comes to selling the ring, this does not need to be a difficult or drawn out process. With the right diamond buyer, you can easily sell your wedding ring and have money in your account in as little as 48 hours.

Online diamond auction platforms such as Worthy are a great way to get the most competitive offer for your engagement and wedding ring. With lower overhead costs than a jeweler and access to the international diamond market, online auction platforms are able to translate this into stronger offers for your diamonds.

Some dos and don’ts

  • Do make sure to work with diamond specialists who are experienced in helping divorcees (or people going through a divorce) sell their wedding ring.

  • Do your research and find an established and reputable company with online reviews. 

  • Do make sure the company keeps your jewelry safe and secure throughout the entire process.

  • Do work with a company that guarantees quick payment.

  • Do not work with a company that is not BBB accredited.

Seeing the costs add up during a divorce can be daunting. Take control of your finances today by selling your wedding ring and see how much you could get.

The emotional benefits of selling your wedding ring

Bouncing back from a broken marriage can be difficult, at any age, for both women and men. There will be a lot of emotions to deal with. You may miss your ex-husband and question whether you made the right decision. You may be overcome with anger. These strong emotions connected to your past relationship can adversely affect both your health and happiness.

To move forward in your life post-divorce and in other relationships, you will need to let go of the hold your emotions have on you and open yourself up to experience positive and new emotions.

Getting rid of the emotional triggers

In order to neutralize your attachment to the past, it is important to get rid of emotional triggers. You cannot rewrite history or wipe out all memories of your ex, especially if you have children and mutual friends.

However, you can minimize objects in your surroundings that remind you of your ex partner. Physically letting go of reminders of bad times is a great starting point. Instead of holding on to items for sentimentality, which can keep you stuck in the negative feelings attached to them, you sell items and liberate yourself from this part of your past.

Engagement rings in particular are a powerful trigger as they are symbolic of your failed marriage. A simple but effective start to ringing in your new independence is by selling or trading in the wedding ring you no longer wear. 

Sell or upgrade your ring?

Moving on from your wedding ring? Leave the selling up to the experts.

This depends entirely on your circumstances. Turning your engagement ring into something you will wear is a popular choice these days. Your old engagement ring, steeped in memories of a broken relationship, can be put towards building the new you. 

Many women choose to sell their engagement ring and buy an item that then becomes symbolic of a new start. Online diamond buyer WP Diamonds buys engagements rings but also has an upgrade program with Blue Nile, Gemma, and various retail stores throughout the USA, where you can get up to 20% more on the offer in the form of store credit. 

Alternatively, you can sell your wedding ring for cash if you need the funds or simply do not want additional jewelry. Worthy helps you sell your ring online for the highest bid and you can get you cash in just a few days. The money can be put towards building new memories and enriching experiences: starting a new business venture, going back to school or taking some time out for yourself. Travel is a popular option as it allows you much needed time to reflect and establish a new and independent you.

Selling the wedding ring set can also simply take the stress out of a divorce. The funds can be used towards funding costly divorce related expenses or paying bills. Selling is a practical and financially smart step.

When you are able to move on from any strong feelings about your ex partner you are in a much better position to begin your new life, meet a new person and generally leave the past behind you. The bottom line is that letting go of a wedding ring that is intrinsically linked to a broken relationship is a positive step in the right direction, allowing you to heal and eventually forge your new future.