State Divorce Resources and Laws

This state divorce resource directory makes it easy for you to easily access state divorce laws, divorce forms specifically written for your state, child support guidelines and calculators, along with divorce lawyers and other professionals practicing in the surrounding area. Click on your state to find the resources and information for your area.

When you're considering a divorce or separation, it's a good idea to have a reliable source of information and professional services to support you through the process. Since each state differs in regards to property rights, the timeline for divorce, and how child support is calculated, you'll need state-specific information to understand what to expect. You can find out what you need to know in your situation by clicking on the link for your state in the list above.

Since there is so much to remember and so many decisions to make when you are getting divorced, it is advisable to have a divorce lawyer to help guide you and protect your interests. We have many legal advisors listed in our state directory above. If you need additional help in finding a divorce lawyer, you can also post the specifics of your case on this divorce evaluation form to get responses from lawyers in your area.

We also offer a wealth of information covering the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce throughout this site, which can be accessed by using the links in the main navigation. You'll find articles on how to prepare for a divorce so you can get a fair settlement, working through child custody and visitation issues, how to handle the division of property and debts, and tips on how to hold yourself together. You'll also find inspiration to help you make the transition into post-divorce life as you begin to heal.

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