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This Women's Divorce Blog gives a brief overview of current divorce articles, updates, and news to help you navigate the divorce journey and beyond. You'll get information and tips discussing: 

  • What you need to know about the legal process;
  • Divorce mistakes to avoid when you split the assets and debts;
  • How issues concerning custody, visitation, and support are handled;
  • The wide range of emotions that surface in a divorce and how to get a grip on them;
  • What you can do to ease your kids adjustment to the separation or divorce;
  • How to survive financially after your divorce;
  • And more

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Holiday Survival Tips

No matter if this is your first post-divorce holiday or if it's been a few years, this can be a challenging time of year. These tips can help...

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Small Business Valuation in Divorce

Divorcing spouses who own a business, either individually or jointly, will need to come to an agreement on the value of the business and how it will be split in their divorce. Here are some things to consider, especially during the pandemic.

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Important Financial Documents for Divorce

Getting copies of your financial records will provide insight into your marital finances and make negotiating a fair settlement much easier.

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Dealing with Divorce Guilt

Most people experience guilt to some degree when they divorce, but it’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of self-blame. Learn how to get rid of the guilt.

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Co-parenting Communication Tips

Getting along with your ex isn’t always easy, but these tips on setting boundaries can make discussions about your child(ren) less stressful.

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