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  • How issues concerning custody, visitation, and support are handled;
  • The wide range of emotions that surface in a divorce and how to get a grip on them;
  • What you can do to ease your kids adjustment to the separation or divorce;
  • How to survive financially after your divorce;
  • And more

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What Makes a Parent Unfit?

A parent can be deemed unfit for custody or visitation for various reasons, some of which include child neglect, abuse, or a drug/alcohol addiction. Find out what else is considered here.

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Court Ordered Medical Insurance

Child support guidelines recognize that dependent children need to be covered by a health insurance plan. Find out how Judges decide which parent will be responsible for coverage.

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Reasons to Change the Visitation Schedule

Grounds for modifying visitation include your child being in danger, a parent physically relocating, or the other parent creating an unstable environment for your child. Find out the rest here.

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Who pays for uninsured medical expenses?

For child support purposes, these would be considered necessary and reasonable health-related expenses for a minor child. Find out how these expenses are split between divorced parents.

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How is Child Support Calculated?

The two primary methods used by states are the Income Shares Model and the Percentage of Income Model. Find out what factors go into the calculation here.

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Childcare After Divorce

Most child support orders don't cover the cost of work-related childcare after divorce. Find out how these expenses are generally split.

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What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support is intended to help with the primary expenses of raising a child. Both parents need to be clear on what this includes to avoid future conflicts. Find out more...

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Tips for Recovering Financially from Divorce

Adjusting to less money and a lower standard of living can be challenging, but these strategies can help you take charge of your finances as you rebuild your life

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