Divorce and Money - Who Gets What?

By WomansDivorce.com

Divorce and money concerns seem to go hand-in-hand. Not only do you have to determine how to split the assets and debts during the divorce, but then you'll have to figure out how to survive financially after the divorce is finalized. Below are various financial matters you need to take into consideration as you are going through your divorce.


Preparing for Divorce

Who Gets the House? / Dividing Equity / Mortgages

Dividing Other Assets

Investments, Retirement, and Social Security Benefits

Alimony Provisions

Protecting Your Credit

Dividing Debts and Debt Responsibility

Tax Issues Affected By Divorce

Financial Issues after Divorce

Things to Keep In Mind

The Marital Home

Dividing Marital Assets

Dividing Investments and Retirement Assets

Alimony Provisions

Protecting Your Credit

Dividing Debts

Tax Issues

Financial Issues after Divorce

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