He found a girlfriend on the internet

by Theresa

I have been married for 27 years. Things at home were not going so good the last couple years. My husband was sleeping on couch and I couldn't get him to come into the bedroom.

I honestly tried so hard to get him to open up about our relationship. He usually didn't say one thing. When I asked him if he loved me or if he had a girlfriend, he would say, "Why do you ask me such silly questions?"

He was coming home every night, so I just thought this was a bump in the road in our long marriage. I would have stayed with him, through thick and thin, “until death do us part”. During the past couple years, I would sit in the family room, just to be with him, even though I never liked the shows he was watching. Sometimes he would be playing on his laptop, like poker or something and I'd ask him what they were talking about. He said, "Oh, not much, just joking about the game". Sometimes I would play Snood or something just to be in the same room with him. I used to rub his feet with lotion, I made his special meals for his diet, and did a number of things that a wife would do. Looking back I feel like a fool.

Okay, so maybe I'm stupid and naive, but I trusted and believed him. I had no idea he was talking with someone in the Philippines. This past August, our youngest daughter went off to college. He said he couldn't take her because he was busy that weekend, so I went with my older daughter who lives close by. We had a great time and set her all up. I got home Sunday night and school started for us the next day. I work at a school so I had to be there.

By Wednesday, he was saying he needed a vacation. I was upset about that because he had gone to the Philippines in February two years ago, under the premise of sight-seeing. Who goes to the Philippines to sightsee? I was devastated at the time, but he only told me a couple days before he left. When he got back, I told him that that could never happen again. It hurt too much for him to leave the country without me. Then in January of last year, he called me at work to say he was going to Thailand the next day. I told him if he did, I would move out. So
he didn't go. Turns out he was heading back to the Philippines and his girlfriend was devastated when he canceled the trip. He must have been planning it for some time.

So when he announced that he was going on a trip to Montreal the week after my daughter went to college I was devastated and begged him not to go. Come to find out, he was in the Philippines and they spent a glorious week together. He admitted to it when I kept at him when he got back. She has a 4 year old daughter and he said he met her sisters and father. Why would he fly so far away when the person, who would love him forever no matter how things were looking at the time, was right there in front of him?

Now, as the story is coming out, he says that he met up with this woman at a coffee shop two years ago and then he went on his way. Not sure to believe this. Thank God all my kids are older and they are helping me see that this couldn't be possible. They knew how disconnected their father has been in the past few years, so they know that he wouldn't fly that far by himself unless he had a motive. They completely support me and hope that I get through this and have a fantastic life, because they want to see me happy.

Anyway, sorry to bore you this this, but this has been such a difficult time. Everyone says that I will make it through and something better for me will be on the other side. I won't be as lonely, hopefully, even if I do have to move from my 3,200 square foot house to an apartment by myself, because nothing is worse than living with someone who completely ignores you. I'm just sorry that he didn't give us a chance, that when my daughter went away to college and there was no one at the house but us, that we could have tried to fix things.

By the way, he is still in the house with me, living downstairs and I live upstairs. He likes to chit chat from time to time and I go along because we haven't signed the agreement yet and I want to make nice with him, but when he asks me to watch TV with him, or he brings me dinner or says I look nice in the shirt I'm wearing, I don't like it at all. Can anyone give me advice?

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Follow your own best advice!
by: CaliforniaGal

What would you tell your daughters if they were in the same situation? Why are you leaving all the decisions up to these men? They consciously made the choice to break the vows of marriage, therefore they have lost the right to make any more decisions involving you. Right now, you're actions are showing him that you're willing to accept what he's done and continue living like this at all cost… YOU DESERVE BETTER! At this point he does not deserve you, whether you decide to stay or go set some boundaries! Quit rewarding his bad behavior!

After a couple of months he is totally in ❤️
by: Kimi

Is he for real! You can't fall in love after talking for a couple of months on the Internet. Now he wants to get married to a total stranger, that's totally stupid. He is going to have to pay big money now, will he do all that?

by: Joy

My husband of 31 years hooked up with his old high school girl friend.

The internet affair went on for one and 1/2 years before he got caught.

We went to counseling for 8 months... thought everything was good... Then he walked out on me a month ago. Not sure if the girl friend is still in picture. He said he had been unhappy for several years. He never told me that. Always had fun together, great vacations.... but he said he was unhappy.... and wants to move on.

He still cannot tell me what has made him so unhappy with our life....

My husband found a girlfriend in Brazil
by: Tonia

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have 3 daughters and he always made me feel safe and secure. He went on a trip to Brazil and had an affair with a girl 28 years younger than himself. I found disgusting pictures of her and confronted him. He said if I intimate with him more often, this would never had happened. He has gone to Brazil 7 times and now has a daughter with this girl. I know exactly what she wants from him and he has even purchased an apartment in the country.

He now tells me he is leaving in 2 years and doesn't care about me his kids or the house. I have asked him many times to please just tell me... do you love this woman? Do you want to make a life with her and her child? What is it that you are looking for?

He never speaks, he is just silent. Sometimes I feel that he just hates all of us. I don't understand how a person can change so quickly. And most of all, I cannot understand how a person can be so cruel to not even apologize for the hurt that he has caused his family. I just can't get over the betrayal and yet 2 years have gone by and I still feel hurt.

Can someone please tell me why he cannot talk to me? Can someone please tell me if he feels any pain in his heart. Can someone please tell me if he knows what he's done? I just can't let it go. I know in my heart that he knows that I have been the best and truest thing in his life.

My ex was disconnected
by: Brandy

I feel your pain. We got divorced and it is ok. You can leave the 3200 square foot home and enjoy your own place. My ex fell in love with his job and ignored me for months. I feel free without him in my life. You deserve better. I also thought I would be married forever and I feel shame being divorced. Every day gets better though, and most people see my ex for what he is: a man having a mid-life crisis! He's now dating and parading around his lady who is 14 years younger!

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