He left me with nothing

by Rosalie

He claims I never paid ATTENTION to him and the children. Then one day my ex tells it’s not working and that he filed for divorce. He tells me that I need to make an appointment with his lawyer to sign papers. I asked him why? He yells at me and says that I and my 21 year old son (diagnosed with having mild retardation) were stressing him out! But later on I found out it was all an alibi.

I feel that he was having an extra marital affair with my co-worker. One day I had a luncheon with my supervisor and co-worker at a hotel. I asked if I could bring my husband with me since we were both getting off work at about that time. We met there and I introduced my co-worker to him, but it seems he had known her for a while already.
Then he filed for divorce a week before my birthday. He made it really fast because it was uncontested and the decree was final 2 weeks later. He then started babysitting my co-worker’s daughter 2 weeks after our divorce. And less than a week after that she moved in. She's been living there ever since.

For years my ex has been mentally, verbally, and emotionally abusing me and now this? I've researched the internet as to why his personality is like this… as though I felt I was sabotaged into signing. Oh my god… I've been married to a man who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Everything I read describes everything he is.

Can I overturn this and sue him for the affair, desertion, and mistreatment of my son with a disability? He TOOK AWAY my civil rights. When I questioned him as to why didn't me give ample time, he claims he didn't want me to know what he was going to do. He says he can’t afford to support me and the kids, but yet he can afford his girlfriend and a baby, plus he obtained power of attorney for another family's children to take them to their appointments and shopping for their needs. I feel my 3 children are being neglected and fending for themselves. He left me with NOTHING!

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Unfortunate situation
by: Bonnie

First, I'd like to say I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I married a man that I was with for 10 years. We went through all of the marriage counseling with the church, and we were in agreement on how we wanted our lives to be together. However things changed after we got married.

Now he wants a divorce and we have a 2 1/2 year old and 7 month old baby. I also have a 17 year old. I was in nursing school when we got married. He took a job traveling for work and relied on me to do everything. He couldn't even read the mortgage paperwork. I had to do it. So unfortunately I had to give up school. He doesn't make enough money to cover all of our bills, and doesn't want me to work. He doesn't want to have to care for our two young children.

Since I only have a high school education I am unable to get a job that will pay enough for me to cover daycare. So the opportunity for me to go back to school came up and he claims he's on board with it. However he doesn't want to have to care for our children. He gets very angry and irritated anytime he has to deal with them. He wants a 50's wife. Which would be great if he could make more money. Everything is also in his name. So that way I get nothing.

Now he wants to saddle me with marital debt. Which is his debt. All due to him quitting his job and not working for two years. He's turned into an alcoholic and smokes a lot of pot. He won't eat dinner with us, he drinks his dinner. I told him that I expect him to put his own clothes away. I wash, dry and fold them. Well, that's a big part of the issue. I have three kids and a house to care for. Not to mention myself.

The only thing I can say is, as women, we have to stay strong for our children and ourselves. I have nowhere to go with three kids. However I know once I'm out of this situation things will be better for me. Don't let anyone cut you down, or ever make you feel that you're less that what you really are. Unfortunately some people are only capable of loving themselves, and those of us who love others get caught in the cross fire.

Me too
by: Christina

Me too - I got a VERY small amount of his 4 million because I stupidly signed a prenup and had a very bad lawyer on my end. It's been years and I'm struggling to find work. God will have our revenge.

We moved too fast
by: Deanna

I met my husband through his daughter. I was in the middle of a divorce. He had been divorced for about 6 years. I moved from one state to another to be with him. He told me he would take care of me, even though I had my own job. We were in our 50's. We got married within 4 months and didn't know each other well enough.

He is an alcoholic. His family interferes with our life together and he lets them. My family is estranged. We bought a house and have differences of opinion on everything. I've lost respect for him because he moved his adult kids into our house. He didn't discuss it with me, he just did it. They disrespect me in my own home and he lets them. I wanted to separate to see if we could work on our issues but he filed for divorce, took all our community property, and moved out. I've been above board with him on everything. I feel used.

I understand how you feel
by: Tasha

My husband lied, cheated and betrayed me in every possible way. He had the first affair 2 years into our marriage, then another one 2 years after that. The last one went on behind my back, as well as the other woman's husband's back. For 6 years, they carried on an emotional affair.

One day, we were just fine, attending the birthday party of our grandson, and the next, he was moving in with her, literally. He wouldn't talk to me for a week, and when he finally did, he took his stuff. He wouldn't even listen to anything I had to say and told me there were things he was sorry for and things he wasn't. I don't believe a single thing he says. He's another sociopath who doesn't understand what real love is.

We have been married almost 10 years, and for him to just up and give away a 15 year relationship just makes me sick. He abandoned me with no money, no food, no car and no phone. But, thanks to a good friend, I now have a new place to live, and he only has his trailer park trash. I'm better off. But I still hurt every day. And we're still married. But not for much longer!

Your ex is a low life and the co-worker deserves him
by: Cathi

Your ex-husband is a low life. Just like mine. We paid 400k cash on a house that cost 1 million. He refused to sell it and lied about foreclosure letter, etc. I signed off and he made out like a bandit. Meanwhile, I qualify for food stamps. What’s maddening is that I had my own house before we hooked up and he basically stole the money from that as well.

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