Mid life crisis

by Amber

He left because he felt like he had lost himself. I guess he had a mid-life crisis at the age of 30. He said that he felt like the choices he made were not his own or things he didn't really want. Much to my dismay, I went along with everything. We decided to start "dating" after I moved out, but that didn't last very long.

I wanted to work on it, try to fix whatever seemed to be broken, but I realized that his heart wasn't truly in it. Even though he kept saying he wanted to be separated, but wasn't ready to give up on our marriage, I got absolutely NOTHING from him. I mean a big black void of emptiness.

I finally confronted him about it and he asked me for a divorce for a third time. (Yes, third time). Since then I haven't seen him, spoken to him, nothing. He does help out financially where it is needed, but he doesn't want to do that much longer.

I'm curious though. If he is the one asking for a divorce and he is the one that wants to leave, why am I the one filing the paperwork and getting the lawyers and getting everything taken care of?

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My husband's midlife crisis
by: Andrea

Our 23 year marriage broke up because my husband decided his job was done and he was looking for something better. My daughter was in her senior year in high school and he left without looking back. No counseling, no compromise just running from his problems I guess. People still ask me why and I say I honestly don't know.

Of course I went to counseling when he started acting kooky and he didn't. Females do all the work. He progressively got worse and had checked out of everyone's life. So I had to ask him to leave since spending time in bars and the gym was more important than his family. He never was a good communicator and I guess he still isn't. I don't know since it is no longer my problem to read his mind.

My wife's mid-life crisis
by: Jerald

My wife did the same thing at 31. She said she felt like life was passing her by, she felt old, bored and lazy. She moved out to "find herself" and said she was coming back. Well I "found" a coworker at her apartment 4 out of 5 nights it was watched. I told his wife and he is a serial cheater. My wife exploded, told me I ruined everything, and that I pushed her away. She started telling me it was my fault and never accepted any blame or shown any remorse for what she did. She still contends it is all my fault because I didn't take her to Italy, take her dancing enough, take her to her favorite restaurant enough or buy her new car soon enough.....

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