Irreconcilable differences drove us apart

by JayAnn

My partner started out very free spirited and open minded about planning our future. We liked being together under whatever circumstances, rough or good. Bad situations always had a glimpse of hope as long as we were together.

One thing I could not get around was his controlling mother. She started off being this self-righteous biddy. She could not rest until she was in charge of every aspect of her son's life. She treated me very disrespectfully and very degrading. My husband never defended me...ever. The not defending me part is just the beginning of the voyage of destruction.

Upon the decision to have kids, everything was great. We moved in together and things couldn’t have been better.

When I lost my job, we had no choice but to move in with my in-laws. Things went down-hill from there.

He became a homebody, which I am not even close to being. He would become upset it I made plans and he did not want to attend any social functions. His attitude became sour. I could not handle him trying to keep me and the kids home with him. It just became too much for me.

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He refused to change
by: Anonymous

I have two children and 4 grandchildren. My husband does not have any children. We have been married for 25 years. We do not have a will or living trust because he is not interesting in doing one. God forbid if I die without a will, my children will not get anything because there is no will or living trust. If I die before him, I would like to leave the house for my daughter after my husband dies, but he does not want that.

But we have had this conversation. He would like to leave a percentage of the money for his two nieces. I would honor that if he dies before me. But If I die before him, he will not honor my wish because he doesn't want my daughter to get the house.

This is the reason I’m filing for a divorce, because this is the only way I can get some assets. We live in a two story house both of us live on separate floors. Since we can't buy out each other, the house will have to sell. When the house is sold, it will be divided 50/50 but this won't happen anytime soon because of the real estate market. But the other assets like retirement plan, credit union and bank saving will divided up 50/50 soon.

We had nothing left in common
by: Anonymous

Irreconcilable differences would be an understatement for what broke up my marriage. Let’s see, there were life changes, midlife changes, and spent time apart. We slept in separate bedrooms, were constantly fighting, there was no chemistry between us, and we could not get along. Over time, we grew apart in different directions and had nothing in common, other than the constant put downs, emotional abuse, and lack of mutual respect. The only regret I have is that I took five years to make my decision to divorce when I knew in my gut for 10 years I was married to the wrong man for me.

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