Infidelity Was The Final Straw

by cathy

I resented the fact he never was home. I had many conversations with my husband on my feelings and it didn't change. I got angry and communication broke down and he had an affair and claimed he didn't think I loved him.

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It's the disrespect
by: Anonymous

How can someone neglect you for years and watch you cry, beg and nag for time and attention? When they put up a shield, you stop obsessing over them not spending time with you. But then they top it off with a disrespectful affair.

Having an affair with someone way out of town was too hard for my husband. He had to do it right in my face. I'm so angry at her and him. I loved her like a real sister. I didn’t know people did this in real life.

Same here
by: Anonymous

I too was angry for his being gone all the time. So after begging and nagging for time and attention, I learned to live in the home without him. I no longer required or wanted anything from him. Sex made me sick to my stomach, but I would still do it. One day I noticed a look between him and my brother’s wife, so I stated paying attention and sure enough they were having an affair. I left when it was confirmed. Now he's begging me to come back and he wants to be everything he refused to be before. I wish he would have just left me alone. I listened to what he had to say because I needed to know why he was never present in the marriage. He wants to try again but, I can’t. The abandonment and cheating is way too much.

Justification for affair
by: Anonymous

He sounds exactly like my husband. He told me that he had (and is still having) an affair because he didn't feel like I loved him. I told him that he had an affair due to his own selfishness. If he felt like I didn't love him and needed to be with someone else, why not file for a divorce? He is now living with her and still saying that he doesn't want to divorce. There is no excuse for an affair and it's not your fault. He has admitted the affair to our children and it's devastating because the other woman is my son's friend’s mother. Men always try to blame the women for the affair when it just seems like it would be easier for them to leave than to walk around lying to everybody and trying to cover up their tracks.

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