He was having a long term affair

by Julie

My husband was having a long term affair. I never suspected a thing until my brother in law told me I should be watching him a little closer. I checked the phone bill and there was a number he would text and call constantly. He even did it while I was in the hospital delivering our 8th child, who was born still born due to the cord being wrapped around his neck. But the whole week I was in the hospital, he was texting and talking to this other woman.

They both tell me it wasn't sexual, they were just very good friends. I had never heard of this woman until I saw her phone number on my bill....so if she was just a friend, why was she a secret? The lies continued and finally I couldn't take it anymore and left! He has shown NO remorse and has actually become verbally abusive to me, saying I ruined our family because I am such an idiot, leaving him over a female friend! I filed for divorce and am waiting for a court date!

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I was stupid for not seeing it sooner...
by: Shelley

I feel as if I'm writing a top 10 list titled "The Stupid Things My Husband Did While Having an Affair" (in no particular order).

1. He didn't erase the text picture she sent him of her cleavage. It was sent when he was on sick leave... Get well card or gift?

2. I called him when he was gone. Instead of silencing the call, he accidently hit "answer" and I overheard six minutes of their conversation during her birthday lunch.... stupid.

3. He didn't erase their text messages... Evidently one afternoon she was "evil with PMS".

4. I was at the mall with our daughter. A strange lady walks up to our daughter and gives her a hug. Our daughter has no clue as to who she is. Then the stranger (girlfriend) turns to me and says "Hi. I'm J******. I work with your husband." I replied with "I'm sure you do." My husband said I was mean to his "friend". He was insensitive to our daughter's feelings- she was, as she put it, "creeped" out by the lady giving her a hug. My husband argued with our daughter about this... which was stupid AND the straw that broke the camel’s back.

5. Ready for this... my husband is an ethics attorney.

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