He misled me

by Gerri

This man entered my life as "Prince Charming". He came in and took me to places I had only dreamed of. He was God fearing, loving, and kind. Never, ever did I think my dreams could possibly be answered in this way! I completely believed he was sent by God. I gave him everything, completely gave my heart, never had I trusted so completely!

We married and I became his driving partner in the trucking business. I didn't like it, but for him I was willing to give it all. Then he started being mean to me. He was hurtful, rude, and never apologized for his actions. He always made me believe I wasn't the wife I should be, so I sought God and I became renewed. I was saved and leaned from my past mistakes and we were doing well. I had my husband back!

Then the trouble started again with the mean hurtful actions and texting women he referred to as friends. He even told one he loved her, and when I asked about it, he became infuriated. He explained later that he told all his friends that he loved them.

So I accepted it, but was skeptical. So finally for no reason at all, he became angry at me for asking normal every day questions. He yelled and screamed and then left me in a truck stop 700 miles away from home, 5 days before Christmas.

We haven't spoken since. Now I'm left in a state of confusion. I thought God wanted us together. I thought we were meant to be. I struggle with why, and I don't know what to do next. How is a gift from God turned into total despair and unhappiness?

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Three months married
by: Liz

My husband left after 82 days of marriage and I was pregnant. We met three years ago and I fell hard. He was the "man of my dreams". A divorced father of 2 (which was not true... he was separated) and we fell, or I should say I fell in love. I bought a house that year and he asked to move in and rented out his home.

We had his kids half the time and it was great. His 16 yr. old then moved in full time because his mom was having some mental health issues. After two friends suggested he might still be married, he produced a divorce decree from 7 years ago, so I felt confident he was divorced.

We got engaged this past June and married at the end of July after 2 years of living together. Three weeks before the wedding I learned that the divorce was actually not final until last year... when we were together. His reasons were she had mental health issues and needed his insurance. He assured me that was the only lie and he loved me. So I married him. I got pregnant almost immediately and learned he had taken out loans with her last year while living with me. It enraged me. I insisted he clean up his mess but he wouldn’t.

I literally lost my mind and was screaming.... he said I needed help. He stayed for 2 weeks and then left. I found he kept a secret phone... the phone they had together before we were married. I have since learned he has more debt than I could have ever imagined. So many lies.

I begged him to stay, but he signed a year lease elsewhere. My heart is broken. He agreed to go to therapy but won't come home. It has been 45 days. I filed last week. I went to 1 therapy appointment with him ...but he lied to his kids and ex and said he knew nothing about the pregnancy when he left, and the ex is calling his family informing them of our marital status. He is obviously too connected to her. It is so devastating.

I feel like I was taken advantage of. I allowed him to live here with his children, but now I think he wanted to move in just to save money. I took out a loan to pay for for the wedding and honeymoon... and my parents took the whole family to Disney to celebrate. Now I have to pay for the divorce too. And sadly, all I do is cry.

I never saw this coming. I lost the baby and had to be written out of work. I am having such a hard time. I loved him and the kids so much and he just moved everything out. I didn't get to say goodbye. I thought he was the one...I still love him after all of this. Why?


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