He Married a Trophy Wife

My husband hired the woman who became his new wife from 3000 miles across our country when she was still married to her multimillionaire top USA RANKED liberal arts college catch. My husband worshiped her undergrad college. After "her" husband relocated for "her" new job, my "library director" husband's new flame dumped her supportive spouse for mine (the "library director" who hired her.) It helped her to return to her family home in Maine.

I mostly knew, because she was repeatedly sent to pick up our son when he was in grade school. "They" are married now and I still work all shifts at a hospital (with twice the degrees and 10 times the income of the new wife.) Her ex was a legacy at a USA top 5 Liberal Arts college. His family literally climbed Mt. Everest. I couldn't even get my ex to go on a coaster at Busch Gardens (even when our son was devastated that his father was a pansy.)

She can have my ex! I work with really caring and intelligent (not despotic and narcissistic "want to be" types) men and women who really do save lives and change outcomes. Some legacy mortals may be impressed that my ex and his sycophant anorexic, second wife, may be glimpsed at the top ski resorts around the country and are frequently mentioned in the "Board of Director" notes of every State of Maine non-profit fund raiser! (Not to mention a few that raise funds for "his side’s'" political party.

It’s sad that she hates kids (including his) and that his ultimate spousal trophy wife weighs the least when the Boards of Directors meet. He has "won" the respect of his peers with his nonprofit fund-raising and his wife being thinner than all the others. Unfortunately, she won't "do" anything at all as her anorexia exhausts her. Looks great in clothes when it really matters for TV or news photos though!

I continue to express all of "his" strengths to our son, hoping against hope, that he will use a more honest yardstick to measure his own success. Some of his Dad's siblings (and some of our son's cousins) have made incredible contributions to American society in spite of their grandfather's alcoholism fostered by early major league baseball fame in the USA. They have found their own very new ways to be recognized for performance in other endeavors that cannot be attributed to "legacy."

I feel for our son, and it took years to let go of my idealization of my ex; fortunately our son is closer to his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents than he is to his father. He knows exactly where his father stands and what he needs to do to reach a higher calling.

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