He beat our son

by Michelle
(Baton Rouge, LA)

I came home from work and my husband said our 3 year old son had two potty accidents at school. After they got home, my son had another accident and my husband told me he beat him naked with a belt.

My son had black bruises from his face to his knees, belt slashes across his back. Two weeks prior, he whipped our 1 year old with a belt when she soiled her diaper. So this time with my son was the last straw and I called the police.

We have been separated for 7 months. My husband has always had trouble controlling his anger. I think he may have a mental disorder like bipolar. His family made death threats against me and are angry at me for calling the police, but I have to protect my children.

I wish I could just move away and start over. People think I should just forgive him and get back with him, but I truly fear for me and my kid’s life. I want a divorce but can't afford it.

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He couldn't get along with my daughter
by: Deena

I don’t really know why he left, because he hasn't contacted me since he left. He was always arguing with my daughter, who was 15 at the time (and now she is 21) about her being lazy. Well, aren’t most teenagers? He was controlling with the both of us.

My daughter said she’s glad he’s gone, but she continues to text and speak to him on the phone. And I found her text saying mums being funny with you because I show her no sympathy. That’s a kick in the teeth for me. Yet he hated her, couldn’t wait for her to move out, calling her names, being physically abusive to her, telling me to make a choice between him and her. Well my daughter comes 1st.

I’m sorry, he told my daughter he wants rid of me and that he doesn’t love me any more. But to me, everything was fine up until he went on a work party at Xmas. Then Xmas day he walked out after another argument with my daughter. I haven’t seen him since, but he has moved out of town.

I’m devastated, it feels like my heart has been ripped out, and I can’t concentrate on anything. We have both our names on the mortgage. I’ve told my daughter to tell him come back while I move out, because the house is too much for me to bear with the emptiness and memories. I still love him even though he was controlling. I’m sure this will pass.

He told her I showed him no affection, but he always sat in the kitchen for 6 years while I was in the living room. So in my eyes, he broke the marriage down... not me. He says it’s all my fault and I can’t live with the thought that it probably was. I’m now under mental health supervision for having thoughts of ending it all because my life is so empty right now... Thanks for reading. I needed to get it off my chest x

Don't go back
by: Terri

Get out now. He will continue to beat and hurt your children. He will most likely kill them and you. This man is very sick and his family is sick for being angry at you for protecting your children. I do hope you get out of that toxic marriage. I am contemplating leaving my husband but for other issues, such as an emotional affair and lying to me. I wish you and your children the best but that is not a marriage and anyone who thinks you should just lie down and tolerate that behavior it is very sick in the head.

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