Facebook obsession

by Tom

Innocently connecting with friends online can turn into a Facebook obsession for some people. The number of people who use the internet has mushroomed over the years, opening the door for online affairs and relationships that probably wouldn’t have even started in the off-line world. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is becoming more common as the world becomes more connected.

I gave my wife a new (faster) computer for Christmas. With the new computer she was able to set us both up Facebook profiles to keep in touch with distant family members. I didn't use mine much, but she was hooked. She joined some groups when her favorite rock star died, eventually starting a memorial page. She changed her user name, un-friended me and all other family members and began spending up to 18 hours a day on-line.

She is a housewife and we have 3 young children. Everyone suffers because of her obsession. The final straw was the on-line affairs. She has an ongoing relationship with a man in Poland who claims to be this dead rock star (he has faked his death in the past), and one other from Brazil who "sends her orgasms telepathically". Possibly the deepest cut is that when confronted with all of this, she denies any wrong-doing. She doesn't deny any of it, just denies that it is wrong!!!

We have not divorced yet, but I honestly don't see any other ending to this marriage. I have given her 13 years of love (deeper than I thought possible) and unwavering devotion. I still love her with all my heart (at least the part that hasn't been ripped out), but this is not good for me or my children.

Have you been affected by an online affair and how did it affect your marriage? Do you have any suggestions on how to save this marriage? Share your thoughts by clicking the link below.

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I am at my wits end!
by: Corey

I have been married for 2 years. I feel like he is just a liar. He has already been caught in numerous (more than 3) Facebook affairs. We are always having money issues, we do not agree on family and what it means, and we do not have sex.

Now this is the thing, this is my second marriage and I am nowhere near perfect… But I have not cheated, I have compromised and I am at my wits end. I feel like I want a divorce and that I should have never married him. I just do not know what to do.

Facebook is America's #1 Divorce Problem
by: Missy Lilly

A few years ago my husband joined Facebook as well. I even made the account for him. He would always be nice to show me his profile or messages, especially friends he made. Until it got to the point that I noticed he wasn't so open with sharing what he had on there. So I decided to be sneaky and look through his phone at one point. I can tell you that I did not like what I saw at all!! I saw naked pictures of girls and his friends list was full of girls who were all half naked!

It hurt me so bad thinking that I was never good enough for him, so I fell into depression and ended up having health issues. He always spent his time on Facebook, even when taking care of our kids. Every day I came home from work, there he was on Facebook. Even trying to talk to him was like talking to damn rock that wouldn’t budge or say anything back. It really hurt me deeply.

Now were going through a divorce because he got jealous that I was talking about our marital problems to his brother (who always treated me like a little sister, giving me advice and telling me to be strong)! I mean really, getting jealous because I talk to his brother?? While he has a whole list of girls he can message???

Always do what’s best for your kids and don’t let this destroy you. Make your spouse choose what is more important and you’ll see where your love actually stands. Everyone is going thru the same situations we are. Just got to band together and be strong for one another.

Facebook Addiction
by: Ashely

Facebook is the devil. My husband’s Facebook addiction and online gaming ended up leading to affairs and cheating with other woman. I’m in the middle of a divorce and the last year of my marriage was spent fighting over my husband messaging women online, both married and single.

I do know that when you wrong someone who has been good to you and doesn’t deserve it, every tear you have cried for the piece of crap (that wouldn’t even give you a tissue) will have all of that returned to them when they love someone again. Trust me the powers that be. Don’t let people ruin lives and children’s hearts :( Move on and rebuild!

What little heart you have left
by: Rosie

I can completely understand your devotion to your wife and I honestly too am familiar with the feelings of being betrayed. What hurts me more than my husband’s affair (like that didn't hurt enough, it still does), was the lies. I am packed and ready to walk out the door because the lies are still coming.

I do not believe he is seeing or even talking or texting anyone else for the past three years. But he is still unwilling to be "open" about what occurred. He just keeps making things up that he thinks I want to hear. I know its B.S.

I became a journal writer several years ago. When we would discuss anything, I noted what he said to me and he always blows ups and gets extremely angry with me for bringing up "the past". He has had that same reaction from the start. He gets mad, thinking I will back down and forget about it all. I just keep good notes and bring it up at a later date and point out his inconsistencies in his stories.

He's one of those liars by admission. If I ask if they were in a hot-tub together he will swear up and down they were not. But I still have that feeling that he's being deceitful so I do a little digging and prodding and find I was using the wrong term It was a "jetted-tub" that was in their room not a 'hot-tub". In his pea brain he thinks he's being honest with me. This is the kind of thinking I'm up against.

I just can't live with a liar. I regret marrying him and not having children. He's a real first class controller. That's when he gets angry with me. I'm not going along with his plan.

I would not have tolerated him cutting me out of his Facebook. I would have made his life miserable if he had. I don't know how you can have the strength to carry on. It's no consolation but an "addiction" like the Internet will not get better without professional help. Good luck to you and I pray that you have "eyes to see", (it's Biblical).

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