Questions to Ask During an Interview

Do you know that there are certain questions to ask during an interview that can help boost your chances of getting a job? By inquiring about the company and how you will best fit in, you are showing the employer that you are really interested in working for the organization. 

It's a good idea to do a little research on the company prior to your interview. If it's a large organization, you should be able to get some information off the internet. If it's a local business, visit the location of it's a retail store, check the yellow pages for advertising, and search the newspaper archives for any mention of the business. 

This research will give you an idea of what the business is about and help you discuss your position within the company. With this background information in mind, here are some good questions to ask when you're being interviewed...

Ten Questions to Ask During Your Interview

1. How long do employees usually stay with your company? There's a good chance the person interviewing you won't know the answer. But asking such a question makes an impression because it shows you are interested in working for the company long-term.

Generally, it's a good sign when people stay with the same company for at least three years. Some career fields tend to retain their employees for many years, such as the health care industry. And the retention rate for government jobs is very high. 

If the organization you are interested in seems to have a high turnover rate, you might reconsider if this is the best company for you to work for.

2. Which skills and abilities should an employee possess to best help this company succeed?

3. What is your company's approach to management and what type of person would best suit that style?

4. How important is the role of this department in the company's plan for the next five years?

5. How is the company better than its competitors, and what aspects does it need to improve?

6. Have any upper-level employees left the company recently? If so, can you explain why?

7. In researching the company, I learned some of the core values your organization holds. What are some of the misconceptions people have about the company?

8. What do you consider to be the company's biggest obstacle? This opens the door for you to suggest ideas on how you can help the company overcome a challenge. It also shows that you are willing to be a problem-solver.

9. What is the company's vision for growth and development in the near future?

10. Do you have any questions concerning my ability to do this job? This will allow your interviewer to bring up any gaps in your employment history or whether you have the necessary skills for the position. Asking such a question shows you have the best interest of the company in mind.

Article by Tracy Achen

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