Our Contributing Divorce Experts

The following divorce experts have graciously contributed their work to make WomansDivorce.com the go-to destination for women facing divorce, as well as those who are starting to rebuild their lives.  

Our contributors include legal advisors, financial analysts, life coaches, child psychologists, divorce coaches, and other women who share their divorce experiences with you. With topics ranging from how to control your divorce to navigating co-parenting with your ex, you are sure to find the information you need.

Tracy Achen

Divorce Expert
Tracy Achen, Editor of this site, is dedicated to helping women understand all aspects of divorce and learning how to start over.

Brette Sember

Legal Expert Brette Sember is a recognized expert on divorce and family law, who is committed to helping women with divorce and custody issues. FAQs by Brette

Gloria Swardenski

Life Coach Gloria Swardenski is a life & business coach, speaker, and author of "Got 90 Seconds? Quotes & Notes to Encourage and Inspire".

Shelley Stile

Divorce Coach Shelley Stile is a Life Coach who specializes in Divorce Recovery, helping women to navigate the difficult emotional terrain of divorce. 

Gary Direnfeld

Child Behavior - Gary Direnfeld is a child-behavior expert on matters pertaining to child development, custody and access.

Noah Rosenfarb

Financial Specialist - Noah B. Rosenfarb helps divorcing women learn how to take control of their lives and their financial future.

Timothy McNamara

Financial Analyst Timothy McNamara is a certified divorce financial analyst who helps people work through the complex financial issues of divorce.

Jennifer Horton

Divorce Coach Jennifer Horton helps women regain their focus after divorce so they can catapult their lives forward in an inspired and positive way.

Michelle Ash

Financial Expert Michelle Ash is a certified divorce financial analyst who helps women figure out the financial aspects of divorce. 

Donna Ferber

Life Transitions - Donna Ferber is an author and psychotherapist helping others deal with life transitions such as divorce, remarriage, loss, and relocation.

Michele Germain image

Divorce Recovery -  Michele Germain, author & Family Marriage Therapist helps women regain their balance during and after divorce. 

Go to Darlene Lance - Relationship and Codependency Expert

Relationship Advice - Darlene Lancer, LMFT, is a divorce and codependency expert who helps women recover from relationship traumas.

Dr. Reena Sommer

Divorce and Custody - Dr. Reena Sommer is a consultant on divorce and custody issues, especially high conflict custody disputes.

Dr. Bob Huizenga

Infidelity and Marriage - Dr. Bob Huizenga is a relationship expert with over 40 years experience working with couples and individuals.

DK Simoneau

Parenting After Divorce - DK Simoneau is a real-life divorced mother who is a devoted authority on living the 'split-family' life more effectively.

You can also get more help and information by reading our previous posts in our Ask the Divorce Experts section.

Please Note: WomansDivorce.com provides general information covering a wide range of issues which arise during a divorce and should not be considered a substitute for legal, financial, or counseling advice. For specific recommendations and advice regarding your unique circumstances, please consult with an experienced professional who can answer your questions based on your individual circumstances. WomansDivorce.com and the experts which have contributed to this website disclaim any liability from any claims resulting from the information included on this website.

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