Financial Survival

By Tracy Achen

Are you struggling for financial survival due to your divorce? If it's any consolation, you're not alone. Most women face a 40% decline in their standard of living after divorce. While the facts are depressing, there are steps you can take to get back on track.

As a woman going through divorce, you may wonder how you can possibly make it on your own. Let's face it, losing your husband's income can seriously change the way you do things. But, the sooner that you take steps to adjust to your new situation, the better for your financial survival. You are now in the driver's seat of your financial future.

If your ex-husband handled the majority of the money, you may be faced with paying the bills for the first time. Don’t be intimidated. Set up a central location to put them in, sorting them by due date. It may just so happen that you have more bills due than you have money coming in for that pay period. Most companies are willing to adjust the billing dates if you call them. If you are paid twice a month, one way to juggle your money is to pay the rent or mortgage and possibly a few small bills with one paycheck. Pay the rest of your bills with the other. If you are only paid once a month, adjust the billing dates to coincide with your paycheck. Always pay your bills first, and use what is left over for gas, groceries, and other expenses.

It may be depressing having to deal with all these changes, but remember...

"You can develop a wonderful life despite difficulties."

Accepting your current financial situation and making the necessary adjustments will go a long way towards protecting your credit, which will enable you to move up once you get on your feet.

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