Sexual orientation issues

by Sandra

The whole time we have been married, there have been issues with infidelity, sexual problems, and even sexual orientation. Early on in our marriage my husband encouraged me to try "Swinging". I did this reluctantly, but he has always pushed things until I gave into him. I continued for years to be uncomfortable with this but did it anyway. Then I found three different times that he either had an affair or wanted to have an affair with women.

At that point I stopped loving him and did not want to let him control me any longer. Feeling at the time that I could not leave for my kids I stayed in the marriage. I ended up having affairs myself after I found out about him and then kept getting more and more unhappy. I tried to file for a divorce, but my husband made my kids and my life so miserable that I went back to him. I am still unhappy and just don’t know what to do.

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Encouraged to lead an open marriage lifestyle
by: Anonymous

Is this common? I told him I was bisexual from the beginning. He encouraged me to be in same sex relationships. These relationships led to some years being pretty miserable in our marriage, but overall the 20 year relationship with him was mostly good, in my opinion. Towards the end of the marriage he wanted me to be monogamous to only him. I agreed hoping we could save our relationship and family. In the end, he wanted a divorce although I filed for it first. I wanted to end it as quick as possible, now I am changing my mind. I gave up a lot to get through the divorce and now a month before the final judgment I want to recant my previous decisions and contest the divorce.

Me Too!
by: Anonymous

Sandra, you just spoke my story! I lived the same life as you and have two children. There was drug abuse in the mix too. I finally got out. My husband threatened me with a gun, threated me with suicide and he still gives me grief, but I am so happy and free. When the pain of staying becomes greater than the pain of leaving, you will know the time is right to get out. You can be strong and you don't have to be manipulated.

My divorce was granted by default a month ago because he failed to respond. May you find peace and happiness and the life you deserve!

My Husband has issues also
by: Anonymous

He has declared himself as a transgender. We will have been married for 20 years in December and this is a second marriage for both of us. He has a daughter from his previous marriage and his ex-wife left him for another man. My former marriage ended peaceably.

He verbally abuses me and blames me all the time. One and half years ago he declared he was a transgender and now dresses up in female clothes and wants to go public.

He is a retired professional (63 years) and I am still working at 57years. We have no children thankfully from our marriage BUT I married him because I wanted to try for children. He refused to have kids. And only now I know the reason why.

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