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By WomansDivorce.com | Updated April 16, 2019

If you are currently going through or considering a divorce in Ohio, the following information can help you through the whole process. Sometimes hiring a divorce lawyer is the best way to get a fair divorce settlement. One the other hand, you can use the online divorce options if you and your spouse are able to agree on everything and want to handle all the paperwork yourself. There are also handy child support calculators and guidelines, as well as access to relevant divorce laws and parenting classes for the state. You can also find local divorce support groups and domestic abuse resources for the state.

Divorce Law Firms

Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Zeiher Co., LPA
502 W Washington St
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: (419) 871-9015

Facing a legal issue involving your family, whether its divorce, separation, or a custody matter requires a sensitive and compassionate attorney. Our firm can help you in your time of need.

Laubacher & Co.
Eric Laubacher
20525 Center Ridge Rd #626
Rocky River, Ohio 44116
Counties Served: Cuyahoga
Phone: 440-356-5700

We have decades of experience and knowledge to help you deal with your family law issues and are committed to providing cost-saving and creative divorce options to protect your rights. While we strive to achieve our client’s goals without unnecessary conflict, we are also prepared to go to court when necessary. 

Divorce Mediation

Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions
Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF
7017 Pearl Rd
Cleveland, OH  44130
Counties Served: Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain, Summit
Phone: 440-545-1001

We are committed to making the divorce process as painless as possible. We offer mediation and divorce financial planning services. Our mission is to educate and empower clients to be confident in their financial decisions.

Options for Doing Your Own Divorce

Separation Forms - Get separation agreement forms specific to Ohio downloaded onto your computer for completion in the privacy of your own home. These packages are from Rocket Lawyer, a leading online legal form provider.

Online Divorce - Can't afford to retain a lawyer? This online platform intuitively completes your paperwork according to how you answer the selected questions. The completed paperwork will need to be filed at your county courthouse and you'll get details on how to file the paperwork. This is the fastest way to complete your own divorce and you'll also have access to the personal customer support area and a variety of downloadable products to help with your divorce.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - At QdroDesk™, you can prepare your own custom QDRO ready for approval. The smart question and answer interface insures your paperwork will be accurate. You'll also receive processing instructions for execution and submitting to the retirement plan administrator.

Parenting Classes and Divorce Services

Required Parent Education Programs
The "Helping Children Succeed after Divorce" program fulfills the mandatory parenting education requirement when filing for a divorce. Below are a few locations that offer these classes:

  • Butler County - (513) 869-4014
  • Franklin County - (614) 224-0222, ext. 125
  • Lake County - (440) 834-4656
  • Montgomery County - (937) 225-4092

We also have a page of parenting and divorce resources, which includes parenting classes, legal alternatives to assist Christian couples in structuring a settlement without having to go to court, and ways to find qualified divorce lawyers or mediators. Check out these other support Resources for divorcing parents.

Support Groups for Divorce

Divorce and Beyond Support Group
Vineyard Community Church
11340 Century Cir E
Springdale, OH 45246

Additional divorce recovery meetings can be found here.

Ohio Domestic Violence Resources

OH Domestic Violence Network

Shelters, Hotlines, and Programs for each county

Ohio Divorce Laws

General Divorce Information from the OH Bar

Online Family Law and Divorce Statutes

Specific sections of the Ohio Revised Code: Domestic Relations

  • Residency and Venue (3105.03)
  • Grounds for divorce (3105.01)
  • Causes for an annulment (3105.31)
  • Legal separation in OH (3105.17 and 3103.06)
  • Conciliation procedures / counseling requirements (3105.091)
  • Property division in divorce / equitable distribution (3105.171)
  • Alimony / spousal support provisions (3105.18)
  • Restoration of maiden or previous name (3105.16)
  • Parenting class requirements (3109.053)
  • Child custody / parental rights and responsibilities (3109.04)
  • Child support - The amount of child support to be paid is determined by using the basic child support schedule, with consideration given to the custody arrangements, and adjustments made according to the provisions contained in sections 3119.02 to 3119.24 of the Revised Code.


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