Divorce In Utah

The following page provides Utah divorce law information to help you to find out what your rights are and how various issues are determined in a divorce. You can find lawyers experienced in family law and mediators to help with your case. There are divorce papers and online divorce services, plus child support information if you have minor children. You can also find various other support services to help you heal and deal with domestic abuse issues.

Divorce Lawyers

Need a Divorce Lawyer? This service gives you the opportunity to present your case get matched with a pre-screened local lawyer willing to take your case.

Utah State Bar Referral Service - This is an easy to use service to help you find qualified and licensed members of the Utah State Bar according to your needs.

Divorce Mediation

The Divorce Mediation Institute of UT
623 E. Fort Union Blvd., Suite #108
Midvale, UT 84047
Toll Free: 866-932-4733
Local: 801-568-0789

Mediation is a cheaper way to resolve your divorce issues than going through the adversarial process. Through mediation, we will help you reach a resolution of your divorce issues and then prepare a well written memorandum of understanding.

Do It Yourself Divorce Options

Online Divorce - Handle your divorce without hiring a lawyer. This unique service has online tools to walk you through the process and customize the forms for your unique situation. Your completed documents will be acceptable for the court and include detailed filing procedures. Get started doing your own Utah divorce papers today.

Separation Agreements & Uncontested Divorce - US Legal Forms has divorce and separation packages which are specific to the state of Utah, with detailed instructions and step by step guidance to make sure they are filled out right. The forms can be downloaded on your computer, so you'll have the privacy you need without having to leave home.

QDRO Preparation - When it comes to dividing qualified retirement plans in a divorce, QdroDesk™ makes the process easy to manage, producing all the necessary documents required by the court.

Divorce and Parenting Services

Divorce Orientation and Education for Parents
Parents of minor children who are separating or getting a divorce are required to attend a mandatory parenting class on the effects of divorce and separation on children. Learn more about locations, dates, and class fees by clicking on the link above. This will take you to the UT State Courts site.

Divorce Education for Children
The Divorce Education for Children program is a free class offered by the Utah State Courts to help children with the transition during a parent's divorce. The class helps children learn skills to better express their feelings, and help them understand that they are not alone and that divorce is not their fault. This class is intended for children ages 9 - 12, and is offered in Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo. People who are interested in registering their child for a class may do so at https://www.utcourts.gov/specproj/dived/children.html or call 801-578-3897 for more information.

Divorce Support Groups

Salt Lake City Divorce Support Groups

There are divorce groups throughout the state, many offering support for children impacted by their parents separation, as well as meetings for adults offered through Divorce Care.

Family Violence Resources

UT Domestic Violence Coalition

Utah Divorce Laws

General Information from the UT State Courts

Divorce Statutes - UT Code -- Title 30 -- Chapter 03 -- Divorce

Specific Sections of the UT code:
Premarital agreements: [30-8-4]
Grounds for annulment [30-1-17.1]
Legal separation [30-4-3]
Residency requirements for divorce: [30-3-1]
Grounds for a divorce: [30-3-1]
Equitable distribution of martial property: [30-3-5]
Factors in determining alimony / spousal maintenance [30-3-5]
Name restoration [42-1-1]
Mandatory education classes for parents of minor children [30-3-4]
Child custody determinations [30-3-10]
Parenting plan provisions [30-3-10.9]
Health care provisions for minor children [30-3-5]
Income withholding for child support [30-3-5.1]
UT Child Support Act [78B-12]

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