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Are you facing a marital split in Missouri? If so, you'll need to understand what your legal rights and options are during a divorce. Below you'll be able to access the various laws on divorce which are relevant to your situation and use the MO child support estimator to figure out how much support might possibly be ordered if you have minor children. 

If money is tight and you need to represent yourself, you will be able to get divorce papers or even use an online divorce service. You can also look up qualified divorce attorneys in your area if you need experienced legal representation to handle everything for you. Additionally, there are groups to help support you through the process and domestic abuse resources which can also help.

There are also a wide variety of articles on all topics of divorce, emotions, and rebuilding after divorce in the other areas of our site. You can access these in our divorce articles section.


Kallen Law Firm
Craig Kallen
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Ph.: 314-802-4948
Areas Served: St. Louis and Jefferson Counties, including the cities of St. Louis and St. Charles

Craig Kallen understands the impact of divorce on women, having grown up in a single-parent family. He realizes how hard it is for a single mother to make ends meet while being the primary caretaker for her children. He is committed to protecting the legal rights of women and mothers living in Missouri and has represented clients for more than 20 years, helping them achieve the best outcome in their divorce or custody situation. Craig is well informed on the latest legal trends and will forcefully litigate when his clients' interests are at stake.

Law Office of James H. Young and Associates
Areas Served: Lee's Summit and Clay, Cass, and Lafayette counties
(816) 246-9981

With over 3 decades of combined experience, the attorneys at the Law Office of James H. Young and Associates are equipped to handle all types of family law issues. Cases are handled with determination, competence, and compassion to ensure our clients receive the best outcome in their legal matters.

Need a lawyer in your area? This intuitive service lets you describe your legal problem to match you up with local divorce attorneys interested in your case based on the specifics of your situation. The process is easy and confidential.


We understand not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer, so we've found a good online option for doing your own divorce. This service helps you complete your paperwork so that it complies with the Missouri requirements. You'll also get the opportunity to access a number of e-books exploring many of the topics which should be considered during a divorce. If this seems like a good option for your situation, you can start a Missouri divorce yourself.


QDRO Preparation - Both Individuals and lawyers can use the QdroDesk™ service to prepare the necessary QDRO documents for dividing qualified retirement plans during a divorce.


Parents of minor children in Missouri who are getting a separation or divorce are required to participate in a mandatory parent education class. These classes are designed to teach parents about the impact of divorce or separation on their children, and what they can do to lessen the effects. There are discussions on how children react at different ages and how parents can learn to co-parent more effectively to ease the stress on their children.

Focus on Kids is offered by the University of Missouri as an online course. You can visit the site or call (573) 884-1995 or (573) 424-0482. to find out more about the course.

FOCIS on Children in Separation - This is the court mandated program for divorcing and separating parents in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Jackson County. Parents must attend the program within 45 days of serving the petition. For more information, contact the Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.


Divorce Support Group
Cathedral of St. Joseph
Jefferson City, MO

Other Local Groups


MSADSV - MO Domestic Violence Prevention Website


Complete Online Divorce Statutes - Missouri Revised Statutes

You can scroll down on the above page to look up these specific sections:

  • 452.305 - Residence requirements for divorce
  • 452.240 - Where to file for divorce
  • 452.305 - Legal Separation
  • 452.320 - Grounds for divorce
  • 452.330 - Division of property
  • 452.335 - Alimony / spousal support
  • 452.372 - Mandatory parenting class
  • 452.375 - How custody is decided
  • 452.310 - Parenting plans
  • 452.340 - Child support

You can access Form 14 to calculate the amount of child support that will be ordered, based on the Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations on the MO Court Child Support page.


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