Mississippi Divorce

To provide you the support you need when getting a divorce in Mississippi, we've assembled the following resources to make the process easier. You'll find a range of solutions from DIY divorce papers and related services to legal professionals who can help you every step of the way. You'll also find a list of related child support services including enforcement agencies, relevant divorce laws, as well as parenting classes and investigative services. We've also included abuse help contact information and support groups in your area.

Divorce Lawyers and Firms

Mark Chinn
Jackson, Mississippi
(601) 366-4410

The law firm of Chinn & Associates handles all divorce and family law matters with personal interest and concern for their client's well-being. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to serving the needs of each individual client, our firm delivers solutions to all the financial and legal issues that arise in a divorce.

Need a Divorce Lawyer? At LawFirms.com, you can present information about your case and correspond with attorneys prepared to represent you.

Divorce Form Guidance

If you're thinking about doing your own divorce, you're faced with different options for getting it done. You can get forms from your local courthouse or download them off the internet. But there is not a lot of direction to help you fill them out. This is where using an online service makes sense. 3stepDivorce goes beyond the do-it-yourself kits with a system that completes the paperwork as you answer various questions about your situation. They also provide a number of self-help divorce e-books and a customer support area if you need help. Find out more.

QDRO Documents

Affordable QDRO Documents - QdroDesk™ is an online service helping individuals and family lawyers prepare Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. The simple process makes it affordable and easy to produce the required documents for officially dividing retirement accounts.

Divorce and Parenting Services

If you want to take a parenting class to learn how to better co-parent with your ex, or if you are required by the court to complete such a class before the divorce will be finalized, find out more about your divorce parenting class options.

For divorce-related services, we have a separate page listing resources to help you locate a qualified mediator or divorce attorney, and legal alternatives to help Christian couples reach a settlement without the cost and hassle of having to go to court. Check out these Parenting and Divorce Resources.

Divorce Support Meetings

DivorceCare Divorce Recovery Groups
These support groups are generally offered through various churches. They also offer a support group for children and teenagers. When you visit the site, you can locate the various locations that are currently offering support services.

More Support Resources

Abuse Hotlines & Shelters

Domestic Abuse Support and Crisis Services

Mississippi Divorce Laws

Online divorce laws - MS Code: Search under Title 93. Domestic Relations

Statute number for specific sections of the Mississippi code:

  • Ground for annulment - SEC. 93-7-3
  • Residency requirements for divorce - SEC. 93-5-5
  • Which court has jurisdiction - SEC. 93-5-11
  • Causes / ground for divorce - SEC. 93-5-1
  • Divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences - SEC. 93-5-2
  • Division of property in divorce
  • Alimony / spousal support / maintenance - SEC. 93-5-23
  • Child custody - SEC. 93-5-24
  • MS child support - SEC. 93-5-23 and SEC. 93-11-65

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