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The information found below is a summary of Indiana divorce law, child custody determination, and child support calculations. You can find lawyers providing qualified legal representation, separation and divorce forms, support services, and domestic violence shelters and hotlines. Other topics are discussed in our various articles on separation and divorce throughout the site.

Indiana Divorce Lawyers

Law Office of Burton A. Padove
2327 45th St, #B 
Highland, Indiana 46322
Ph.: (219) 836 2200
Counties Served: Lake and Porter 

Burton Padove is an experienced divorce lawyer, helping clients reach a positive resolution in their divorce (dissolution of marriage), legal separation, or other family law matter. Divorce is a traumatic occurrence, leaving many people emotionally and mentally unprepared to make the sound decisions needed to protect their futures. Mr. Padove understands this and takes the time to fully explain what to expect from the legal process and how to protect their interests so they can get the best outcome from their situation.

Our firm offers flat rate services for most family law issues. We also offer hourly rates services for people who wish to represent themselves, but would like a lawyer to look over their paperwork and do any edits if necessary. You can call the office for a free initial consultation and to find out more about our services.

Need help locating divorce lawyers in your area? Divorce LawFirms can help. This confidential service allows you to review qualified attorneys who are taking new cases before you choose someone to represent you. 

Divorce Online

This is the easiest way of doing your own divorce! Using this online service helps customize your uncontested divorce papers by leading you through various questions about the details of your situation. The final documents will be accurate for IN and you will get the opportunity to read through several e-books which discuss a variety of important divorce topics. Additionally, you can get customer support online, by phone, or e-mail. If you don't want to hire a lawyer, you can begin preparing your own Indiana divorce forms.

QDRO Documents

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - If you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order for your divorce or support case, QdroDesk™ offers the ability to create your own documents and the related paperwork needed to properly divide a retirement account.

Divorce and Parenting Services

Children Cope with Divorce - Mandatory Parenting Class

Parents with underage children are often required to take an educational workshop on the effects of divorce. The aim of these classes is to educate the parents about post-divorce parenting, learning how to cooperate with each other about child related matters, and how to ease their child's transition after divorce. The "Children Cope with Divorce" workshop generally lasts for 4 hours and should be completed within 60 days of filing for divorce or separation. There are programs are 11 counties in Central Indiana which are held during times convenient for parents. Call 317-782-7200 to enroll.

Divorce Support

Indy Divorce Support Groups
Find divorce support groups in the Indianapolis area to help you deal with the issues of divorce and ease the transition as you begin rebuilding your life.

You can also find local DivorceCare support groups and other support services by visiting our divorce groups page.

Domestic Abuse

ICAVD - Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Once on the site you can look up emergency numbers, shelters and other support services by clicking on the "Find Help" link.

Indiana Divorce Laws

Complete IN Divorce Statutes

Specific laws from Family Law Title 31 with article and chapter numbers

Annulment / actions to annul void marriages (IC 31-11-10)
Residence needed to file for divorce (IC 31-15-2-6)
Grounds for divorce (IC 31-15-2-3)
Legal Separation (IC 31-15-3-3 through 3-6)
Dividing property in divorce (IC 31-15-7-4 through 7-7)
Alimony / spousal support (IC 31-15-7-1 through 7-3)
Rehabilitative maintenance (IC 31-15-7-2)
Restoration of maiden name / name change (IC 31-15-2-18)
Child custody (IC 31-17-2-8 through 2-13)
Child support (IC 31-16-6-1 through 6-6)
Child support income withholding orders (IC 31-16-15)

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