Arkansas Divorce Laws and Resources

If you’ve decided on a separation or divorce in Arkansas, then the resources below will help you make the correct decisions going forward. The list of resources includes the ability to find family lawyers and other relevant professionals within the surrounding area. Also available are the relevant services and forms to begin the process of divorce by yourself. Additionally, you’ll also be able to find resources relating to domestic abuse, along with access to the AR child support formula – which will allow you to calculate the level of support you could be entitled to.

Divorce Lawyers

Find Local Divorce Attorneys - If you need a divorce lawyer in your area, Divorce LawFirms can help you find an attorney experienced in divorce and family law.

Lawyer Referral Service from the AR Bar Association

Do you have a specific question about getting a divorce or separation? At you can connect with a family law attorney who can answer your questions. Click here to find out more.

Divorce Mediators and Information

Mediators and Mediation Information

This is a service provided by the AR Judiciary and the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. You can find certified mediators, learn about Access and Visitation Mediation for divorced and divorcing parents, and more.

Financial Professionals

Northington Investment Group
Stephen Northington, CFP® CDFA™
16719 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, AR 72223
Counties Served: Statewide
Phone: (501) 993-0167

I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and can be the financial expert on your divorce team. We specialize in fair & equitable divorce settlements both today and in the future. Our services help level the financial playing field, help reduce financial stress, and give you the confidence financially to move forward with your life. Ideal client has 500K + in marital assets.

Parenting Education

Parenting Education for Children of Divorced Parents - The Family Service agency offers a TransParenting 4-hour seminar for divorcing parents in North Little Rock. Phone 501-372-4242.

The Better Life Counseling Center in Jonesboro offers the "Parenting Separately" Course for divorcing parents and is supported by the United Way. You can also call (870) 935-4673 to register.

Guided Divorce Papers

Not everybody needs a lawyer to handle their divorce. If you and your spouse can work together to agree on the terms of your divorce, filing your own divorce papers is an option to consider. And using a reputable online service to complete your paperwork if often the fastest way to get it done. 3stepDivorce is one such service that not only helps you do your paperwork accurately, they also give you access to numerous reference materials which cover a wide range of divorce topics to help make sure you've addressed everything properly. If you need to save on legal costs, you can begin completing your divorce papers online.

QDRO Documents

Online QDRO Preparation - For the division of retirement accounts during a divorce, QdroDesk™ is the premier online service providing accurate and affordable Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and the supporting documents required by the courts and administrators.

Divorce Support Groups

Young Women’s Divorce Support Group
Chenal Family Therapy
10800 Financial Centre, Suite 490
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: 501-786-9970

Look up other divorce groups in your area. In addition to DivorceCare, there are groups for adults, children, and those supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Services Providers

AR Shelters and Services

Domestic Violence Facts and Legal information

Arkansas Divorce Laws

Complete Arkansas Code and Statutes

Selected Sections from AR Annotated Code:
Residency requirements (§9-12-307)
Jurisdiction / where to file for divorce (§9-12-303)
Grounds for divorce (§9-12-301)
Legal separation (§9-12-313)
Waiting period before divorce decree is rendered (§9-12-310)
Equitable division of property (§9-12-315)
Responsibility for joint credit card accounts (§9-12-323)
Spousal support / alimony (§9-12-312)
Maiden name restoration (§9-12-318)
Parenting class requirement for divorcing parents (§9-12-322)
Child custody determination (§9-13-101)
Child support (§9-14-106)
Income withholding for child support (§9-14-502)
Medical coverage provisions (§9-14-503)

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