Divorce In Nevada

This page is your source for everything dealing with separation and divorce in Nevada. You can locate experienced divorce lawyers, access divorce forms and online divorce services, use the child support online calculator and guidelines, and review the state divorce laws. You can also find information about the co-parenting educational classes, or search for local support groups, access information on domestic abuse services, and more.

Legal Experts

Need a Family Lawyer? 

Find the right lawyer for you with this free and confidential service which lets you post your case information to have local lawyers review your case. Once your information is submitted, you'll only receive replies from attorneys who are qualified and willing to handle your divorce. 

Do Your Own Divorce

This online service makes it easy to prepare uncontested divorce papers which are tailored to your unique set of circumstances. And your final papers will be ready to file with at court house. You'll also be able to get free access to a large number of downloadable books (worth more than $750) that discuss all the issues that come up in a divorce. Get started doing your own Nevada divorce today.

QDRO Document Creation

Online QDRO Preparation - When dividing retirement accounts and pension plans due to family law proceedings, QdroDesk™ is the premier service which allows individuals and attorneys alike the ability to create accurate and affordable QDROs for all retirement plans.

Divorce and Parenting Services

Seminar Providers for Separating Parents
 Separating parents in Nevada may be required by the court to attend a parenting seminar within 45 days after the initial petition is served. Even though other providers may claim they are court certified, only certificates of completion from the three service providers below will be accepted by the court:

  • Palo Verde - (702) 243-4357
  • Family Solutions - (702) 395-8417
  • The Center for Divorce Education - (877) 874-1365

Support Groups

Divorced & Widowed Adjustment Inc. - This is a FREE bi-weekly support meeting for men and women in the Las Vegas, NV area dealing with the issues of separation and divorce. 24-Hr. Find out more about the various groups by calling 702-735-5544.

You can also look up more groups offering divorce support. Not only are there meetings sponsored by Divorce Care, there are groups for children affected by divorce and other types of support services.

Domestic Violence Advocates

NV Coalition to End Domestic Violence - Domestic abuse hotlines, resources, housing and support

Nevada Divorce Law

Online Statutes - Chapter 125 from the Nevada Legislature
NV Revised Statute numbers for specific topics pertaining to Dissolution of Marriage:

  • Void marriages - NRS 125.290
  • Grounds for annulment - NRS 125.320 to 125.350
  • Where to file for divorce or separation and residency requirements - NRS 125.020
  • Legal separation - NRS 125.190
  • Causes / grounds for divorce - NRS 125.010
  • Summary proceeding for divorce - NRS 125.181
  • Property division in divorce - NRS 125.150
  • Alimony / spousal support - NRS 125.150
  • Order changing name of wife / resumption of maiden name - NRS 125.130
  • Determining child custody - NRS 125.480
  • Joint custody - NRS 125.490
  • Child support - NRS 125B.070
  • Medical support - NRS 125B.085


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