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This is an informational resource on Virginia divorce. You can look over the relevant VA divorce laws, locate skilled lawyers and mediators, access downloadable divorce forms or services to prepare your paperwork online, and use the official child support guidelines worksheet to find out the level of support which may be awarded. We also have more information about general divorce topics, as well as tips for dealing with your emotions and ideas for starting over in our divorce articles section.

Divorce Lawyers

Livesay & Myers, P.C.
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Fairfax, VA 22030
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Livesay and Myers Services

Cole Miller PLLC
1945 Old Gallows Road, Ste. 205
Vienna, VA 22182
Areas Served: Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, Fauquier County, Loudoun County, Prince William County
Phone: 703-883-3707

Law Office of Ronald A. Robinson
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Need a Divorce Lawyer? Describe your divorce case and find local attorneys willing to help you.


Graine Mediation
Robin Graine, JD, CDFA
11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360
Fairfax, VA 22030
Areas Served: Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria, Stafford
Phone: 571-220-1998

Since starting her legal career in 1989, Robin Graine has advocated for the use of divorce mediation as a sensible alternative to divorce litigation. Mediation enables couples to find their own mutually acceptable solutions to their disputes. Her experience as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst also helps people understand how the financial decisions they make during negotiations can impact their future finances. Robin’s passion is helping people become their strongest selves while avoiding stressful and unhealthy litigation and helping people smoothly transition through the next stages in their lives.

Northern VA Mediation Service
Family Mediation; Civil Court Mediation; Commercial & Workplace
9653 Fairfax Blvd, Suite 203  
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703-865-7272

Northern VA Mediation Service (NVMS) provides mediation services to individuals, groups and organizations. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that encourages people to work out their disputes with one another and develop solutions they will find equally acceptable. NVMS also offers training to individuals and professionals who are interested in becoming certified mediators or who are interested in learning more about mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Divorce Form Guidance

Get all of the properly completed documents needed to file for a divorce without having to use a lawyer! 3StepDivorce helps you easily prepare your divorce papers by using question and answer technology to help customize your paperwork to your circumstances. Everything will be correct for your court system and you'll get detailed instructions on how to file the papers. You'll be able to access a large number of downloadable books discussing many divorce topics. And if you need it, they offer customer support by email & phone. Get your VA divorce started today.

QDRO Document Creation

Custom QDRO Documents - For a simple, user-friendly, and accurate way to create Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, trust the industry experts at QdroDesk™. The quality of QDROs produced through this service are equal to those produced by their own pension analysts and will be ready for approval and execution.

Divorce and Parenting Services

Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents in VA
Parents involved in family law cases concerning custody issues and divorce are required to take classes that help parents realize the possible effect of divorce on children and learn ways to reduce the impact. Call 804-786-6455 for more information on court approved parenting classes. Or visit Virginia's Judicial system page to look up classes for each district court.

Divorce Seminars

For over 18 years, this seminar has been offered as a low-cost, "women only" divorce resource designed to show women facing divorce what they need to prepare for, while outlining many of the local resources available to them and their children. These seminars are offered once a month in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Newport News from 8:30 am until 12 noon. A 60 page manual is provided to each participant along with information about Military divorces and Domestic Violence resources. The locations and maps to the seminars can be found at

Virginia Domestic Violence Agencies

Virginia Divorce Book

"What every Woman should know about divorce" is a really excellent book on the basics of divorce in Virginia. Written by Charles R. Hofheimer, this free book offers valuable information about separation (and the guidelines for separation under the same roof), the importance of determining grounds for divorce, as well as the different types of custody and the cardinal rules of custody that you should observe. If you're thinking about, or going through a divorce, then you owe it to yourself to get this free book.

Virginia Divorce Law

Overview of Divorce in VA from the Virginia State Bar

Specific statutes from Code of VA - Title 20 Domestic Relations:
Marriage annulment (§ 20-89.1)
Residency requirements for divorce (§ 20-97)
Jurisdiction of suits for annulment, separation, or divorce (§ 20-96)
Legal separation (§ 20-116)
Recognized grounds for divorce (§ 20-91)
Property division / separate and marital property (§ 20-107.3)
Alimony / maintenance / support of spouse (§ 20-107.1)
Restoration of former or maiden name (§ 20-121.4)
Parenting education class requirements (§ 20-103)
Custody of minor children (§ 20-124.1 through § 20-124.3)
Determination of child support (§ 20-108.1)
Basic child support obligations (§ 20-108.2)

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