Dr. Bob Huizenga – Infidelity and Marriage Expert

Dr. Bob Huizenga has practiced as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 24 years in Michigan, working with couples and individual experiencing marital problems. He is also a Certified Social Worker and has a Doctorate of Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy. He specializes in relationship crises and rebuilding and has spent years coaching and perfecting his relationship model that has helped thousands.

Dr. Bob Huizenga - marriage and infidelity expert

He is an expert on extramarital affairs and infidelity and developed one of the first websites devoted exclusively to marriages affected by infidelity. He also published the groundbreaking e-book, “Break Free from the Affair” which offers hard-hitting strategies for 7 types of affairs.

To further help people involved in a marriage crisis, he condensed many of his valuable resources into two extensive courses: The Infidelity Recovery Center and the Marriage Building Online Course. 

At the Infidelity Recovery Center, you can find out how to access the “Break Free from the Affair” e-book which can help you determine the best strategy to change the course of the affair and your marriage. Also available on the site is Dr. Huizenga’s 48 Hour infidelity Boot Camp which will give you the knowledge, resources, and confidence to face the affair head on. You’ll also get tools to help you identify type of infidelity you are dealing with and the best way to approach the situation. Plus, there are numerous articles on how to cope with infidelity and how to survive an affair.

His Marriage Building Online Course offers powerful, practical tips and advice on creating and maintaining a lasting relationship. He offers insight on how to get at the core issues underlying your marital pain and emptiness so you can turn around your marriage. Dr. Huizenga also offers a one-on-one coaching program for more individual help. 

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Articles by Dr. Bob Huizenga

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