Shelley Stile

Shelley Stile is an ACC certified Life Coach specializing in Divorce Recovery, helping guide clients through the pain and trauma of divorce, teaching various coping skills to deal with the transitions, and providing tools to help them rebuild their self-esteem and attain their goals as they rebuild their lives.

Shelley Stile - Divorce Recovery

Shelley trained with the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching's Spiritual Divorce Recovery and the Coaches Training Institute. She is also a member of the International Coaches Federation.

While living in Montclair, New Jersey, Shelley was a trained court advocate helping domestic abuse victims in the Newark Family Court system. She also volunteered at the Livingston Center for Women and held workshops and seminars to help people deal with major life transitions, in addition to her coaching practice. 

Due to her own personal experience with divorce, Shelley truly knows what women go through when their marriage ends. She worked with clients on a one-to-one basis, helping them make sense of the chaos and teaching them how to let go the negative emotions from their divorce so they can move forward without resentment, blame, or regrets.

95 Transformational Tips Book

Shelley has written many articles about dealing with the transitions that accompany divorce, as well as authoring two digital books on the subject of divorce. Her latest published book "95 Transformational Tips" (#Ad) is the result of her own personal experience and her years spent as a divorce coach. Readers will discover effective tools and proven strategies to help them accept the reality of their situation and move forward after divorce. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Since her retirement, Shelley has relocated to Venice, California where she is an activist fighting for women's rights and against anti-Semitism. You can follow Shelley on Twitter.

Articles by Shelley Stile

  • Your Perspective On Divorce - Are you stuck in an endless cycle of blaming your ex for everything wrong in your life? Maybe it's time to move beyond being a victim of your divorce so you can start enjoying the life you have now.

  • Facing Your Fears - An important part of the divorce recovery process is accepting the changes in your life. While it's normal to feel overwhelmed by what the future holds, the fear of the unknown can keep you from moving forward. These tips can help you to start overcoming your fears.

  • Letting Go after Divorce ultimately means that you're choosing to live your life without being enslaved to your past. Find out what it takes to get rid of the demons holding you behind.

  • Accepting Divorce - It's easy to remain bitter and resentful because of your divorce, but you are the one who ultimately pays the price for those feelings. The ability to let go of your negative emotions will give you the freedom to move forward with your life. Learn the importance of being grateful despite the hard times.

  • The Positive Side of Divorce - It's natural to focus on all the obstacles after a divorce. But by shifting your focus to see it as an opportunity to become the person you are truly meant to be, it can be a springboard to a great new chapter in your life.

  • Dealing With Your Ex After Divorce - The importance of breaking the emotional ties with your ex so that you can move forward in life as a divorced woman instead of just an ex-wife.

  • Surviving the Holidays after Divorce - Here are 10 tips for getting through the holiday season, especially if you're still feeling the sting of divorce. Christmas can be a challenging time, but with a little planning and choosing how you'll handle the festivities, you can make it easier on yourself.

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