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Welcome to the Divorce Financial Help Column, where we answer your questions about the financial aspects of divorce. 

As part of our effort to help women make the best decisions in their divorce, we've teamed up with Timothy McNamara, and his partner Tracey Manzi, to answer the financial questions for our Divorce Financial Help Column.

Timothy McNamara

Timothy McNamara was a certified divorce financial analyst in his previous career, specializing in the financial issues that couples and individuals face when their marriage ends. Having gone through a divorce himself, he is passionate about helping people understand and manage the complicated financial issues divorcing couples often face.

Timothy's career has always been focused on the financial sector. He started out as an assistant branch manager for Charles Schwab, which lead to positions at UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wachovia Securities. From there, he founded Clearview, an online divorce platform. Since then he has worked in business development and is currently a strategic account executive. You can find out more about Timothy McNamara on LinkedIn.

Tracey Manzi

Tracey Manzi was the managing director for Clearview and is a chartered financial analyst and an active member of the Boston Securities Analyst Society and Financial Women's Association. Tracey has over 20 years experience in investment services and serves as Vice President of Investment Services with Cammack Retirement. She is an advocate for women and was the past president of the Junior League of Boston.

You have a lot of decisions to make when your marriage ends, such as how the assets and debts will be split, who will get to keep the house, and how much (if any) support will be paid. Since decisions made during your divorce settlement have the potential to affect your post-divorce life for quite some time, you want to make sure you get answers from a reliable source before you make those important decisions and sign on the bottom line. To help you out, you'll find many of the common questions that women ask about financial divorce issues below.

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Previous Divorce Financial Questions

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How can I get his retirement account information? 

Are his pensions considered assets or income? 

How should I invest my portion of the 401K settlement? 

The timing of divorce and Social Security benefits. 

Am I entitled to half his social security benefits when I turn 62? 

Can I expect alimony and how much would it be? 

If I make more money, do I have to pay him alimony? 

Is my college degree considered marital property? 

What should be considered in divorce and business valuations? 

Can we file taxes jointly if the divorce hasn't been finalized? 

Will I be responsible for half of his debt? 

How should we handle the unsecured debt responsibility? 

How should we divorce the credit card debt? 

How can I make him liable for the debts he charged to my card? 

Who is responsible for the auto loan? 

What can happen if he defaults on the secured loan? 

Am I liable for the equity loan if I didn't sign for it? 

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