Frequently Asked Questions on Divorce Emotions


We get many questions on divorce emotions from women who struggle with their decisions regarding their marriage and the issues they are trying to cope with. Our life coach has graciously answered their questions on the following pages: 

Should You Stay or Should You Go? - Are you struggling with whether you should get a divorce or not? Maybe you're wondering if you should you stay until the kids get older. Making the decision to leave is never easy, but our life coach answers a lot of the common questions women have about this, to help them work through the issues and their emotions.

When to Get a Divorce - Reaching the point of knowing there is no hope for a marriage is different for everyone, and even then there can still be lingering doubts, as pointed out by the questions on divorce below. Find out what the answers are...

  • Should we wait to divorce until the kids are older?
  • He's more like a room-mate than a husband.
  • He's financial irresponsible. Should I get out while I'm ahead?
  • Every time we fight, he threatens me with divorce.
  • He won't change. Is it time for divorce?
  • I feel like I've lost my desire for him. Should I get a divorce?
  • His distrust is pushing me away. Will he change?

When You Don't Want a Divorce - What can you do if your husband wants a divorce and you don't? Find out what options are available and get answers to other related questions.

Should You Reconcile with Your Ex? - After getting divorced, some couples find that it really was a mistake to split up. If you're considering getting back together, these answers about divorce reconciliation can help you work through your emotions before you make any decisions.

Questions on Divorce and Infidelity - Has your world been rocked by his affair? Should you try to work through it or just move on? And what can you do if he ends up with the other woman? Get the answers to these questions and more.

Divorce and Abusive Relationships - When you're married to someone with an abusive personality, it makes getting divorced all that more complicated. You may be hoping that he'll eventually change or wondering if divorce is the only answer. If you're already divorced, you may be surprised at your lingering emotions. It's hard to deal with all these emotions, but our life coach helps by answering these questions:

  • Why is life harder since I divorced my abuser?
  • He's bossy and I wish we'd never married. What should I do?
  • He's blaming me for everything that's wrong in our marriage.
  • He's not going to change, so why can't I let go?
  • He wants to leave and I'm having a hard time letting go.
  • My husband is hyper-critical and I can't handle it anymore.
  • I feel hopeless and damaged beyond repair after all the abuse.

Divorce & Stay-at-Home Moms - If you stayed home to raise your kids and keep the home-fires burning during your marriage, getting divorced presents a lot of obstacles to overcome. Keep reading to find the answers to these divorce questions from other stay-at-home moms:

  • I'm a stay at home mom. How can I get through this?
  • What are my options since I don't work?
  • How do I earn a living after not working for 22 years?

Regretting Divorce - Are you second-guessing your decision to get a divorce, wondering if things might have worked out if you'd tried harder? These doubts can keep you stuck and in limbo, even affecting future relationships. The life coach addresses these issues while answering these questions about lingering regrets and doubts.

How can I handle my anger? - You ex-husband may have been the ultimate jerk and your anger is probably justified. But the rage that's bottled up inside can eat you alive and hold you back from moving forward with your life. Find out how to move past the hate so you can start healing.

Dealing with Friends and Family - It's natural to seek support from your close friends and family when you're getting divorced. But you may be shocked by their reaction to the situation. They may blame you for the problems in the marriage or question your judgment if you decide to get back together. Find out how to handle these situations plus get insight if you're trying to support someone who's going through a divorce.

How to Deal with Divorce -Getting divorced can shake your world, making you wonder if you can trust your own judgment, feeling lonely and overwhelmed with emotions. Our life coach answers our visitor's question on divorce emotions and how to begin moving forward with her input on dealing with these difficult issues.

How To Deal With The Pain of Divorce -Divorce is heart-breaking no matter how logically you try to look at it. In this section, our life coach addresses how to deal with the pain by answering questions such as:

  • How could he just throw me away after all these years?
  • How do I get over the pain of losing my husband?

Letting Go of the hopes and dreams from a failed marriage is hard, especially if you didn't want the divorce. And having an ex-husband who seems to embrace the single life with a lot of enthusiasm makes it even harder. Find out how to cope if your ex hooks up with somebody new and how to move forward with your life in our section on Divorce and Letting Go.

Dealing With the Guilt - It can be hard to move past feeling guilty for getting divorced and wondering "what could have been" if you had stuck it out. But these feeling can keep you from moving forward with what's best for you. And the ghosts from the past can affect future relationships as pointed out in these questions about Divorce and Guilt.

Starting Over After Divorce - It's normal to feel lost after getting divorced. Some women are afraid of being alone, while others don't trust their judgment when comes to men.  And many women find  their self-esteem is in the gutter in the months following divorce. Our life coach addresses these issues and more as she answers our visitor's questions about starting over after divorce.

Dealing With Ex-spouses - Even after getting divorced, there is still a lingering connection with your ex, especially when you have children together. And this can make for some uncomfortable situations as pointed out by these questions from our visitors.

  • How can I deal with the fact that my ex has started dating?
  • Why is my ex-husband hiding that he's in a serious relationship?
  • Why does my husband still want to spend time with his ex?
  • How do I deal with my suspicions if I don't trust his ex's intentions?
  • How do I deal with it if his ex is at all the family get-togethers?
  • What can you do when you ex won't comply with the set visitation?
  • and more

Disneyland Dads - Some parents go overboard in trying to make up for not being with their child every day, buying them things the custodial parent can't afford and letting them skate by with no discipline. It's like going to Disneyland and what child wouldn't like it. Unfortunately, it makes you feel like you can't compete. Find out how to cope if your ex is playing these kinds of games.

Dealing with Stepchildren - Many women remarry at some point and this brings the possibility of having step-children, which can strain the second marriage. If you're having issues because of this, these answers can help. For example:

  • What can you do if your new husband favors his biological child?
  • What if your stepchild doesn't want you at her wedding?
  • Is it possible for kids to wreck a second marriage?

Dealing With Custody ChangesMost children push to live with their other parent at some point after a divorce. And it can feel like your heart is being ripped out when they tell you they want to leave. Gloria gives some tips on how to cope when your child chooses to change custody and how to handle the transition.

When Your Adult Child Divorces - You can't protect your children from every heartache they will face in life. This is especially true when they get married and hit a relationship snag. So how involved should you be if your child is facing divorce? Check out When Your Adult Children Divorce.

Dealing with Adult Children after DivorceKids are opinionated no matter their age, but this can become even more evident if they are older when you divorce. Get tips on how to handle the stickier situations when you have older children and are getting divorced.

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