Children and Divorce FAQS

Below are various children and divorce FAQs organized by topic. Each of the main categories will take you to a section where you can review some of the previously answered questions about children's issues in divorce: 

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Parental Kidnapping FAQs

Custody and Domestic Violence

General Child Custody Questions

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Children and Annulment

Paternity Issues

Questions about Adoption and Step Parents

Children and Divorce FAQS about Grandparents

Guardianship Issues

Co-Parenting Rights

Medical Issues

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Inconsistent Visitation

Visitation with an Absent Parent

Changing Visitation

Child Visitation Environment

Visitation Safety and Risky Situations

When a Child Refuses Visitation

Filing for Child Support

Child support calculations

Tax Information Concerning Child Support

Tax Questions

Additional FAQs:

Questions on Divorce Emotions 

Divorce Financial Questions 

Divorce Questions & Legal FAQs