Divorce Preparation Books

These divorce preparation books focus on specific divorce related issues. To help you find the information that you are looking for, click on the links below to view the books in each section:

Divorce Preparation Books

How to Save a Marriage - Advice from a counselor with over 30 years experience in helping people repair their marriage.

The Women's Rights Manual for Divorce - Written from a woman's point of view, this book answers all your questions about divorce.

The Men's Rights Manual for Divorce - Divorce education written from a man's perspective.

The Complete Guide to Divorce - Everything that you need to know about divorce to get the best outcome.

How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer - Finding the best lawyer for your case can determine the outcome of your divorce.

Should You Switch Lawyers? And How to Do It!- How to tell if it's time to fire your lawyer and the steps to take if you do.

What Your Divorce Lawyer Probably Won't Tell You! - How to stay in control of your divorce.

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court!- Divorce trials are expensive, so find out how to avoid having a judge decide your case.

Validity of Oral Agreements in Divorce- Find out if oral agreements are enforceable.

The Limits of Discovery During Divorce- What information is admissible during the discovery process, and how it's obtained.

Recognition of Foreign Country Divorce Decrees- Will your foreign divorce be valid in the United States.

Checklists and Record Keeping

The Divorce Record Keeper - Keep track of everything that you need for your divorce and have the proof you need.

The Divorce & Financial Checklist - A resource to help you gather all the relevant information and documentation needed for your divorce.

Property Division

The Property Division Handbook- Explains all the details of property distribution in divorce, with individual state laws.

What Happens to the Marital Home Upon Divorce- Considering the different ways in which to handle the family home.

Pension Issues & Divorce - Written by a pension analyst, this book offers a complete discussion of pension issues in divorce cases.

Identifying Unusual Types of Divisible Property- Find out which assets do and do not constitute divisible property.

Valuation of Businesses in Divorce Cases- Based on applicable state law, this manual discusses the different valuation methods.

Domestic Violence as a Factor in Distributing Property Upon Divorce - A summary of cases in which the court considered domestic abuse when distributing the marital assets.

Tracing Separate Funds Through Commingled Bank Accounts- How to trace marital and separate property through a joint bank account or investment account.

Equitable Distribution of Stock Options- Discusses how to value and divide stock options in a divorce case.

Equitable Distribution of Lottery Winnings - What if you're the lucky winner in the lottery? Do you have to share your winnings with your soon-to-be ex?

Intellectual Property Rights and Divorce - Are patents, copyrights, and royalties divisible in a divorce? Discover how these interests are classified, valued, and divided during divorce.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: This manual discusses how the courts can prevent unjust property settlements when one spouse is hiding or getting rid of assets.

Bankruptcy During Divorce- How an automatic stay imposed by a bankruptcy court will put a halt to property division.

Life Insurance and Divorce - How all aspects of life insurance can be handled in a divorce.

Who Gets Custody of the Pets- A discussion of case law concerning who the pets are awarded to in a divorce.

Separation and Settlement Agreements

The Separation /Property Settlement Agreement Handbook - Outlines what should be considered during your separation and what should be in your settlement agreement.

Writing Your Own Separation Agreement- If you're planning on drafting your own separation agreement, this manual will provide you with the information to do it right.

Child Custody Issues

The Mother's Child Custody Handbook- Focusing on child custody from a mother's point of view, this book goes into detail about state laws, rights, and how custody is typically determined.

The Friendly Parent Doctrine - Based on current court trends concerning a parent's willingness and ability to cooperate with the other parent and how issues of interference can affect custody cases.

The Relevance of Adultery in Custody & Visitation Cases- A discussion of the legal impact of a parent's sexual behavior.

Alienation of the Non-Custodial Parent- Discusses the subject of parental interference as a basis for custody modification, with information about specific actions that may constitute interference.

Information for Stepparents - This manual discusses the rights of a stepparent in regard to custody or visitation with their stepchildren.

The Visitation Rights of Sibling - Addressing the visitation rights of siblings and half-siblings.

Child Support

The Child Support Handbook- Answers to the most common questions about child support, with individual state laws, and included worksheets.

Grandparents and Child Support- The rights and obligations of grandparents concerning child support.

College Tuition Provisions- A study of case law concerning the validity of college support provisions in private separation agreements.

Deviating from the Support Guidelines for Private School Expenses- Summarizing the principles the courts use when considering whether to allow for a deviation due to such expenses.

A Guide to Child Support Enforcement Against Military Personnel- How to handle child support issues of military personnel.

Emancipation As It Relates To Child Support Obligations- Understanding the laws and how the courts determine that a child is emancipated.

Interstate Enforcement of Child Support - How to collect child support across state lines in accordance with federal laws.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act: Comprehensive Update- Discusses what led up to the UIFSA, and the impact of it.

State Specific Child Support Manuals

These child support handbooks discuss the laws of the individual state and highlight the principles concerning child support in that individual state, including how to calculate child support for that state and frequently asked questions about child support.


The Spousal Support Handbook - A comprehensive discussion of spousal support, with state laws and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Spousal Support and Atypical Standards of Living - A discussion of case law on how the standard of living is determined for alimony awards, especially in cases of an artificially high or low standard of living.

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