The Best Divorce Preparation Books

These divorce preparation books focus on specific divorce related issues. To help you find the information that you are looking for, click on the links below to view the books in each section:

Divorce Preparation Books to Get Started

How to Save a Marriage - Advice from a counselor with over 30 years experience in helping people repair their marriage.

The Survival Manual for Women in Divorce - Written from a woman's point of view, this book answers 185 of the most common questions about divorce.

I Just Want This Done: How Smart, Successful People Get Divorced - Find out how to choose a divorce lawyer, handle a high-conflict spouse, and approach your divorce in a way that minimizes emotional and financial damage.

The Complete Divorce Guide - Here is everything you need to know about getting divorce, including what you need to consider before getting a divorce to negotiating a divorce settlement.

Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder - This is what you need to know to prepare when divorcing a high-conflict spouse, how to choose a lawyer who understands your situation, and how to deal with child custody disputes. It also includes new chapters on abuse, alienation, and false allegations.

How to Deal with a Military Divorce - Find out the best to approach a divorce when a spouse is overseas, the difference between a military divorce and a civilian divorce, the rules and regulations that could affect your case, how military service can impact custody and visitation, and what you need to know about alimony, military benefits, and retirement issues. 

Hiring Your Divorce Lawyer - Discover how find the best lawyer for your case. It includes what to consider when searching for a divorce lawyer, preparing for the initial consultation, and how the make your final decision.

Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce - Divorce trials are expensive, so find out how to maximize opportunities for settlement and avoid having a judge decide your case.

Divorce In Your State - These divorce preparation books offer state specific divorce information and answer the most frequently asked questions people have about divorce so they can make informed decisions.

Planners, Checklists and Record Keeping

The Complete Divorce Organizer and Planner - This is the best way to get organized for your divorce! These worksheets and checklists can help you keep track of everything you need for your divorce and have the proof you need to settle your divorce. You'll also get clear guidance on what to expect from the divorce process and how to work with your attorney and other divorce professionals.

The Divorce Planner Checklist - This planner has pages that you can fill in to help you gather all the relevant information and documentation needed for your divorce.

DIVORCE Financial Planner For Women - This is a workbook with strategies, checklists, and advice to help you organize your financial documents, protect your assets, and negotiate a fair divorce settlement.

Find Money in Divorce - This workbook discusses how to get your financial documents organized so you can uncover if your spouse is hiding assets or under-reporting income.

Property Division

The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division - Explains all the details of property distribution in divorce and getting the best financial outcome for you.

Divorcing the House - Find out the different ways in which to handle the family home in a divorce and determine whether you should keep the house or not.

Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in a Divorce - Learn what your rights are to the various types of retirement accounts and understand what is required to divide these types of assets in a divorce.

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Divorce - This is a guide to help you protect your business during a divorce.

Find Me The Money: Find out how to identify financial fraud, uncover hidden assets, and learn the strategies to get what you're entitled to in your divorce.

Divorce Accounting Women Only - This book will teach you how to find hidden assets by using forensic accounting methods.

How to Get Custody of Your Dog - For many people, their pets are part of the family. Learn how state laws address pet custody and find out what you need to do to win custody of your furry best friend.

Separation and Settlement Agreements

The Separation Guide  - Outlines what should be considered during your separation and what should be in your settlement agreement, including managing the division of assets and debts.

Separation Agreement: Lawyer Prepared Template With Instructions - If you're planning on drafting your own separation agreement, this manual will provide you with the forms and information to do it right.

Child Custody Issues

Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody and Support - This book goes into detail about state laws, rights, and how custody is typically determined. You'll also learn steps you can take to avoid a custody trial and the different factors used to calculate child support.

Child Custody Journal - Whether you're facing a child custody battle or just want to keep track of everything as you co-parent with your ex, this journal can help you keep a detailed record of parening times, expenses, communication logs and more.

The Successful Co-Parenting Workbook - This workbook can teach you how to successfully co-parent with your ex by identifying co-parenting conflicts and goals, strategies to help your children cope with split-family living, plus exercises to help you be the best parent you can be.

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist - Find out how to set boundaries with your ex and steer clear of arguments, protect your children from your ex's alienating behavior, and preserve your sanity as you shift the balance of power in your favor. This highly rated book is worth reading if you are trying to co-parent with a narcissistic ex.

Co-Parenting With a Toxic Ex - This is another great book for parenting with a difficult ex. Find out how to set boundaries, manage conflicts, cope with and counteract parental alienation, and what you can do if things get out of hand.

Surviving Parental Alienation: A Journey of Hope and Healing - If you are experiencing parental alienation, this is the book for you. It can help confirm what is going on and how to deal with the legal and health care system, as well as provide you with helpful tips to cope with what you are experiencing.

Divorce and Blended Families - This manual discusses blended family divorce and the emotions children face when their family falls apart, including how to make household transitions more smooth.

Child Support

The Insiders' Guide to Child Support - Find out how the system really works. This handbook gives information on how child support works, opening a case, establishing paternity, how to find the non-custodial parent, establishing a support order, methods of collecting support, and more.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act: This updated guide from the Florida Legislature discusses the general provisions of the UIFSA and enforcement of support orders from another state.

Child Support Expenses Tracker - This logbook is a great way to record relevant expenses for your child, how much is owed by the other parent, reimbursement received, and support payments.


Alimony in Divorce: How to Get It, How to Avoid It - A comprehensive discussion of spousal support, how infidelity can affect alimony, how much to expect and for how long, and how to get what you deserve.

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