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Because divorce impacts so many aspects of a woman's life, we have organized the divorce articles into the following sections to make it easier for you find the information you need. You can drill down further into each topic by clicking the links under each topic.

The Separation and Divorce Process - Legal and financial considerations

Deciding Whether to Divorce or Not - Reaching the decision.

Children and Divorce - Facing divorce with children

Divorce Emotions - Handling the crazy feelings that come up.

Answers From The Experts - Advice on legal, financial and emotional issues.

Starting Over - Help as you begin your new life.

Relationships - Domestic abuse, affairs, and dating again. 

Making Ends Meet - How to survive on one paycheck.

Job Information - Tips to help your employment prospects

Separation and the Divorce Process

Marital Separation - If you are considering a trial separation before you take the next step, this section provides good advice on what to think about. From creating an exit plan and being smart when you move out to protecting yourself with a legal separation, you'll get the advice you need. There are also articles on pre-divorce planning, getting temporary support and custody, faqs to answer your pressing questions, handling post separation life, and more.

How to Get a Divorce - Find out steps you can take to prepare for a divorce before you actually start the process and learn whether you need a divorce attorney or not. From there, you can learn about whether you could qualify for an annulment, the divorce mistakes to avoid, how to minimize the cost of divorce, what the divorce process is like, and more. There are faqs on how to serve and file divorce papers, how to modify or enforce your finalized divorce, and getting prepared for court. You'll also learn important considerations when it comes to reaching a divorce settlement, dirty divorce tricks to avoid, and what your divorce papers should include.

Assets and Debts - These are the financial consideration when it comes to making sure you get your fair share. Get tips on determining the balance sheet to achieve a fair settlement, how retirement assets are divided, steps to protect your credit, and how debts are divided. You can also learn about alimony, who will get the house, the various tax issues to consider, and how to handle financial issues after your divorce.

Divorce Help - In this section you can find out about the professionals that can make your divorce easier, including discussions on divorce attorneys, financial professionals, private investigators, mediation and collaborative divorce. There are also divorce articles on doing your own divorce with self-help information, military divorce issues, and divorce resources for each state.

Articles to Help You Decide

Should I Get A Divorce? - This is something many women struggle with. It's important to remain impartial and logical when making such a big decision. To help you out, these articles will give you some things to think about. There is a divorce test to give you a pulse on your relationship and whether it can survive, as well as advice from the life coach on reaching the decision on whether to stay or go. You'll find tips on whether you should reconcile or not, plus get a perspective on divorce if you feel bound by your vows. There are a lot of articles worth checking out if you haven't made the decision yet.

Divorce Articles About Children

Children and Divorce - Here are the main things to consider if you have children. There are a lot of articles discussing the various custody decisions and types of custody, plus what your custody agreement should include. Find out how mediation can help your custody case and how to prepare for a custody battle if it comes to that. You'll also get ideas on how to explain your divorce to your children, how to cope if your child wants to live with your ex, the perils of parental alienation, and information on parenting plans. There are also sections on relocation, tax issues after divorce, remarriage and adoption, single parenting tips, and how to handle the post-divorce holidays.

Co-parenting After Divorce - When you get divorced and have children together, there will be a lot of years that you will be co-parenting with your ex. This section gives tips on how to provide a stable structure for your children no matter which parent they are with, what to do if your ex doesn't want to cooperate, and sharing the child rearing expenses. You'll also get tips on how to handle your feelings when your child isn't with you, what to do when your ex gets a significant other, methods for improving your communication with your ex, and how to handle a Disneyland Dad.

Child Visitation - This section includes articles about visitation and child access. Learn about changing visitation, how to handle long-distance visits, and what you should do if your child is sick. There are also articles discussing what to do when your child refuses visitation, how visitation changes when your child becomes a teenager, and what you can do about handling inconsistent visitation. You'll also get tips on creating a visitation schedule, using a visitation calendar to keep everything straight, and how holidays and summer visitation are handled.

Child Support - Here is help for understanding the basics of child support and why it's important for both parents to provide for their children. You'll get information on the various ways of collecting and paying child support and how to enforce the child support order, with faqs from the legal expert covering paternity and child support, when child support ends, how joint custody affects child support and more. There are also discussions on how to handle 529 plans and how life insurance can help guarantee the support payments.

Articles on Divorce Emotions

Emotions and Divorce - This is one of the hardest aspects of divorce to deal with. To help you out, we've including articles on dealing with the emotions when you decide to divorce. Get help understanding your feelings as you deal with the stress of this life-changing event. There are tips for dealing with depression, how to gain the right perspective on your situation, and how to overcome your anger and resentment. You'll learn about the importance of forgiveness when the time is right and how to deal with self-doubt and rebuild your self-esteem. There are also articles for Christians facing divorce, finding a group to support you through your journey, understanding the emotional stages of divorce, and steps you can take to start the healing process.

Divorce Articles from Our Experts

Commonly Asked Legal Questions - Answers to help you understand your options regarding the legal aspects of divorce. This includes the initial stages of divorce such as filing and serving divorce papers, divorce settlement questions, dividing the assets and debts, and post divorce issues. The legal expert also answers questions about child support and visitation, parenting plans, health and life insurance considerations, and more.

Coping With Divorce - This advice column covers the emotional aspects of divorce. You can read the topics covering the decision to divorce, dealing with the guilt, and how friends and family react to divorce. There is also advice on handling issues with your children, the impact of infidelity and abuse, dealing with your ex-husband, and learning how to let go.

Divorce Financial Help - Helping you understand your financial options pre and post-divorce. With financial discussions on the family home and how to handle the mortgage, what should be considered when dividing debts, and options when there is a business involved. You can also learn about retirement accounts, social security benefits, filing taxes, and responsibility for debts after the divorce.

Contributing Divorce Experts - Including legal experts, attorneys divorce financial planners, child psychologists, divorce and life coaches, and others.

Divorce Articles on Starting Over

Inspiration for Stating Over - Once you've dealt with the crud of divorce, there's the next step of rebuilding your life. In this section you'll discover the importance of focusing on your needs so you can heal and reconnect with you inner-self so you can recover. Learn how to overcome trust issues and deal with your ex and his parents. Get tips on changing your perspective and moving beyond the victim mentality so you can find the positive side of divorce. There are also articles on rebuilding your confidence, accepting divorce and learning to let go, and many more on how to heal after the divorce.

Divorce Articles about Relationships

Domestic Violence Articles - Unfortunately, domestic abuse if often a factor in divorce and separation, and it may also be an issue in future relationships. If this is something you're dealing with, these articles can help you understand the dynamics of an abusive relationship and the damaging effects. If you're divorcing an abusive husband, discover the importance of planning and the things to keep in mind when you leave. Understand the damaging effects of emotional and verbal abuse, how abusive environments affect children, and the importance of restraining orders. There are also articles discussing how to deal with the controlling behavior after you leave and rediscovering yourself after you're out. 

Articles on Affairs - If you have suspicions that you husband has been stepping out, get tips on finding out if something is going on and look for these telltale signs of cheating. You can learn about the causes of extramarital affairs and how to prevent online infidelity. Get tips on coping with your emotions after discovering your husband is having an affair and get options for getting past the heartbreak. There are also articles on choosing a private investigator, how to deal with your spouse's reaction to your spying on him, why you should avoid having an affair yourself, and more. 

Dating after Divorce Articles - Dating again can be scary, but here are some things to think about when you enter the dating scene. Get tips on what to think about before you start dating and whether you're ready to start dating again, internet dating and writing an online dating profile. If you've been out of the dating scene for years, learn how to revive your inner-flirt and the best way to approach a first date. If you have children at home, there are tips on how to handle your dating life to ease your children's anxiety and what to consider if you're thinking about moving in with someone.

Divorce Articles Concerning Money

Making Ends Meet - Going from two paychecks to one requires a lot of financial adjustment. This section can help you get back on your feet financially with tips on various ways to save money. To help you get started, there are budgeting articles with free budget worksheets, ideas on how to change your spending habits, and managing your finances after divorce. If you're downing in debt, there are articles to help you decide what to do and what you're options are if your ex doesn't pay the debts he was assigned in the divorce. You'll also get tips on how to save money when relocating, affordable gift ideas, how to handle finances after divorce, and more.

Divorce Articles To Help You Get A Job

Job Tool Kit - Whether just starting or looking for a better job this is the place to start. Get ideas for re-launching your career and find resources to help you find the job you deserve. There is also help for getting your resume up to date, the ten mistakes to avoid on your resume, and how to write a cover letter.  You can prepare for possible interviews by knowing what to expect and how to present yourself. And once you've nailed the interview, find out how to craft a thank you letter that will get you remembered.

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