Dating After Divorce
Advice for Older Women

When you're thinking about dating after divorce, advice and tips always come in handy, especially if it's been a while since you've been in the singles scene. To help you get started on the right track, the following article can help you find the right man for you.

New Dating Tips for Divorced Women over 40

How to attract the man of your dreams within the next 90 days!

By Mike Angulo

Heart of shells

If you're like most of my clients, you've been divorced for a while and you're tired of being alone. You've probably gotten your hopes up many times, only to be disappointed over and over again.

You want to be loved, but I'm willing to bet that just thinking about relationships triggers painful memories. You may be subconsciously thinking about the past in a way that may be keeping it alive in your mind or you may be fearful of the future. Alternatively, you may be thinking way too much about Mr. Right and may be upset that he hasn't shown up yet.

So, why have I not found Mr. Right yet?

These thoughts may have created an energy field around you that is literally repelling love. Worse yet, this field of thoughts is sending out vibrations that attract the wrong type of guy or none at all.

The fact is that there are thousands of great men out there looking for a romantic relationship. Your very own Mr. Right is probably feeling lonely right now and needs you just as much as you need him. I know because that's exactly how I felt. Here are the secrets to get him to find you.

OK! So, how can I attract Mr. Right?

You've probably heard it all by now. But, what if these words could help you find love again? What if you could attract Mr. Right as if by magic?

Well, you can! By using the Law of Attraction, you can change the way you think and feel and draw him to you like a magnet. This law is based on the fact that our Universe is made up of energy. And as Quantum Physics has proven in the last century, we can alter this energy with our thoughts and emotions, which happen to be energy as well.

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you think and feel, you attract. So, the process of attracting Mr. Right involves 3 steps:

  1. Knowing what you expect of Mr. Right.

  2. Ask for him by sending out the right vibes.

  3. Allow him to come to you.

Step 1: Create a Blueprint for Mr. Right

In the first step, you want to be crystal clear about what Mr. Right means to you. What you want is a man that satisfies your needs in every area of your life, not just the physical. You want him to be romantic, loving and passionate. You also want him to be supportive, exciting, financially secure, and a great friend.

In this step it's crucial to write down all the traits you expect of him so that you can discover what you actually want and paint a clear picture in your mind. You want to create something to guide you in the right direction, a sort of Blueprint for Mr. Right. 

The Blueprint is a work in progress, so at this stage, you may want to go out on a series of experimental dates with different guys, so that you can notice what you like and don't like. As you understand yourself and realize what you'd love in a man, adjust the details in your guide.

Step 2: Ask for Mr. Right

In step two, you want to read the Blueprint you created in step 1 every single day. Find a quiet place, then close your eyes for 10-15 minutes and create a mental movie of how your life is with him. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined, so imagining that he is real, will make you feel as if he is there now. When you feel goose bumps and happiness while visualizing, you know you're on the right track.

This is the most crucial part of this step, because you must feel that the vision is real in order for your mind and body to vibrate at a higher frequency. At this point, you'll be sending out great energy vibes, which Mr. Right will be able to pick up, no matter where he is.

If you are a bit skeptical about this, I encourage you to watch the movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, to learn about how energy works in our lives. Here is a link to the first 20 minutes of the film: You can also read any of the books by Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay, which explain this in great detail.

Step 3: Allow Mr. Right to come to You!

The third step is the most important. Here, all you want to do is simply feel good as much as possible. If you feel good, you attract him… if you feel bad, you repel him. It's that simple. So your job here is to have a good time by concentrating on what makes you happy and nothing else.

You can maintain a high emotional frequency by thinking about anything that gives you joy. You can think of what you want in the future or any positive memory from your past. Write about those thoughts in a notebook to help you concentrate the energy even further. Write ONLY about those things that make you feel good.

Keep in mind that trying too hard creates resistance, so remember that the key here is to enjoy yourself. It helps to listen to great music as you visualize doing all sorts of fun things together like traveling, dancing or going out romantic on dates.

Any time a negative thought pops up, simply re-focus on exactly how you want to feel, and that will automatically erase the negative thoughts and emotions from your consciousness. It may take you a couple of seconds to feel good again, or it may take you up to 10 minutes, or even an hour until you regain control. But, if you focus exclusively on the positive thoughts and emotions with enough consistency, you will notice that every day it will get easier to feel good.

By having a great time (while faking it till you make it), you'll eventually generate such good vibes that Mr. Right will come out of nowhere, and will be holding you in his arms so tightly that all his feelings and yours will combine into one amazing explosion of love.

About the author: Mike Angulo is a Life Coach that loves to have fun and help men and women attract romance and make life more exciting.

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