Sample Cover Letter

By Tracy Achen

Is a cover letter really necessary anymore? Even though the majority of resumes are submitted online, there are times when it is appropriate to include one. Some of these situations might include: 

  • if the job listing says it's required, 
  • if you are submitting your resume in person or through the mail, 
  • if you were personally referred for the position.

A cover letter is generally an employer's first impression of a job candidate. This is why you want to put the effort into making sure it grabs their attention. You need to sound enthusiastic and interested in this line of work or their company. When writing your introductory letter, be sure to:

  • Address your letter to someone who has the authority to hire you.

  • Show that you know something about the company by addressing some of the requirements of the job that you are applying for, and how your experience will enable you to handle what is needed.

  • If someone in the company referred you for this job, be sure to mention this if they have good standing with the company.

  • Keep your cover letter brief and professional, limiting it to one page.
  • Check for spelling and typographical errors.

With these things in mind, the example letter below will give you an idea of what to include in your letter and how it should be formatted. Just be sure to modify it to your particular situation...

Your name
City, State, Zip Code
Phone number
Email address
Month, day, year

Hiring Person
Hiring Person's Job Title
Hiring Person's Company
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code


In the first paragraph of your letter, tell them why they should call you for an interview. (For example: I believe my marketing experience and strong history of solid performance make me an excellent candidate for an industrial sales and marketing position in your company.)

In this paragraph, you should highlight your strengths and experience. (I have more than 12 years of experience in professional sales and marketing, with a four-year career base established with West Coast Sales. As indicated by my resume, I have effectively managed sales departments in the pulp and paper industry. My expertise also encompasses product promotion and development in both domestic and international markets, distribution channel organization and training, and development of collateral promotional materials).

The third paragraph of your letter opens the door to further communication. (ex.: Please feel free to call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx if you need clarification or additional information regarding my experience.


Your name goes here

Enc: 2

With a good cover letter and resume, you increase the chances of being called for an interview. You should prepare yourself for job interviews by practicing how you will handle the questions that might come up. Don’t know what to expect? The following articles can help:

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