Ask An Expert Your Questions About Divorce


Welcome to our Ask an Expert column, the online column for women dealing with divorce.

As part of our commitment to helping women going through all stages of divorce, we've assembled a team of compassionate experts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce. This is your opportunity to ask them your questions or read the suggestions that they have given others.

Legal Expert

Brette Sember

Brette Sember is a nationally recognized expert and author of numerous books on family law matters, co-parenting issues, and other consumer self-help topics. She is a former mediator and matrimonial attorney who continues to assist people by providing thoughtful answers to their questions about various divorce and separation topics right here on You can read through her answers to previous posts to gain insight into your situation. If you find that your question hasn't yet been answered, you can also ask Brette your questions about the divorce process.

Financial Analyst

Timothy McNamara

Timothy McNamara specializes in divorce finance helping women understand and work through the often complex divorce financial issues. He assists them in working out a plan of action so they can achieve a fair divorce settlement which will protect their interests and provide for them after the divorce. Timothy is also is a state certified mediator in the Massachusetts court district program.

To learn about the financial aspects of divorce, you can read through Timothy's Divorce Financial Help section.

Life Coach

Gloria Swardenski

Gloria Swardenski is a professional speaker and life coach who focuses her practice on helping people deal with the issues they are facing so they can go on to achieve their goals. Gloria has also written a thought provoking book of quotes to help you gain inspiration and a new perspective on life's issues. You can read through Gloria's previous posts for encouragement to help you manage and cope with your own divorce issues, handle the emotions, and find the motivation for starting over in our section on coping with divorce.

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