Military No Contact Order

You need to understand the implications of a military no contact order if you are a service member considering divorce. These types of orders are comparable to a restraining order and are issued by a service member's commanding officer in situations where there have been reports of domestic violence or abuse.

Unfortunately, no contact orders can also be used against a service member to gain the upper hand in a divorce, as outlined in the article below.

Military No Contact Orders

Written by Jennifer DeBrue

In the outside world, a man or a woman has to prove some type of abuse in order to be granted a restraining order. This same standard does not hold true in the military. Unfortunately, sometimes in the military it is guilty until proven innocent. Let's take Sgt. Scott as our example again.

Sgt. Scott and her husband have two children, ages 5 and 7. Sgt. Scott has told her husband that she would like a divorce, and wishes to keep the minor children with her. Sgt. Scott's husband is extremely upset, and calls her commander stating that she slapped him in front of the children. Sgt. Scott's commander will immediately issue what is called a "no-contact" order.

A no-contact is order is essentially a restraining order that a military member's command issues. This order means that the military member can have no contact with their spouse or children without being escorted by someone in their chain of command. Additionally, the service member will be required to move out of their home, and move into barrack housing on post.

During this time of no contact, it is entirely feasible for the service member's husband to remove her children and all household belongings from their current marital residence, and even from the state. The possibility of all of these things happening to a woman in the military are very real, and when things like removing the children from their current state of residence, removing all marital possessions and instituting a no-contact order are realized, the consequences can be devastating.

As you can see, a no contact order can be used against you to gain an advantage as far as custody is concerned. Continue reading to find out more: 

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