Tenant Instead of Wife

by MLP

22 years... Separated for next one? He wouldn't leave the marital home even after premeditated "I love you, but want a separation" exit plan. He tried to imprison me in one room attached to bathroom. I followed orders but eventually got control again -- but the sabotage, stalking, harassment to me, my employees, and customers was too much to bear. The financial control started immediately, the next level was 7 years into the relationship.

More financial abuse by getting me to incorporate my business and pay rent for my in- home business. Emotional abuse got worse in the second 7 years. Mental abuse, financial control escalated in the last 7 years including "offering" a loan to my company which got me paying enough with rent, loan and salary to cover nearly everything. I worked 7 days a week trying to "pay him off", but the more I worked to make money for him to use, the greedier he became. The last 2 years were off the charts crazy!

The cops did nothing, the next door vindictive lawyer was devious, and the legal system horrible. I was forced to leave my home and business and town by abuse. Yet, I am seeing a spark of light ... But no end in sight for at least another year or two for division of property. This is all too bizarre to explain ... And too painful to write. Safety is of upmost importance. All else will follow in time. Freedom is priceless. --- costs a lot actually. Hope is here. Change is constant. Seek sanity. Love life, Endure, encourage, empower. Hello world, I'm back!

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