He deserted me

by Christina

My husband and I were married almost 3 years ago and have been separated for well over a year. He has refused to speak to, deal with, or provide for me and my daughter since our separation. He won’t provide any kind of explanation as to why he left, what his plans are, or anything.

The only thing I do know is he moved back home with his mom and dad. He has been in and out of jail, gotten DUI's, and he has had other women on drugs. And he still refuses to even answer a phone call from me.

His Mother told me a couple of months ago that he told her he is planning for a divorce. His mom and dad told me to give up all hope and move on, that there is better out there for me.

What is this??? This is so strange to me he just walked away... period. In a couple of months it will be two years that we’ve been separated with no communication. I should just file for a divorce and let this go??? Even though he has not said anything to me directly?

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To He Deserted Me
by: Kayla

I feel for you. There is nothing like loving someone that doesn't love you back. I was married almost 3 years ago also and I am in the middle of a divorce as well. I told my ex one day that our biggest problem was that we tried doing this without God and he told me no our biggest problem was I didn't know how to act. He still puts all the blame on me, but I still don't fully understand what he means exactly. But I know that I still have feelings for him so I understand the pain and confusion that you feel. I will keep you in prayer. I cannot answer this question for you only you can answer this question for yourself. I wish you the very best.

File for Divorce
by: Jessie

You need to file for divorce and move on with your life. If he has not talked to you and will not, then you will never get the answers you are looking for. If his parents are telling you to move on then there is something up that you do not want any part of.

The longer you wait, the more damage he can do to your credit and finances. When I got divorced, there were a lot of medical bills and bounced checks that I had no clue about. Our bank account was so over drawn that I had to pay all of that off before I could even open my own checking account. It is very had when you love someone and are trying to understand why they do what they do. I have been divorced for 4 years and I still have feelings for my ex. It is hard to let them go, but you just have to concentrate on today and get thru it.

He Deserted Me
by: Nicola

You will be the one who can answer your own question. If you feel like you still love him, try to make some way to talk with him to clarify what the real score is between the two of you. Maybe you could go to his parent’s house for him not to have alibis. You know how you feel towards him. Maybe he has some problem that he cannot talk to you about. Ask him to sit down and talk over your problem, ask him the reason why he started to feel cold towards you.

Divorce is a difficult decision especially when there is a child involved. If it happens that you will agree with the divorce, it is very helpful in moving on to know why your relationship didn't work and what the shortcomings of both parties were.

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