Parenting and Divorce Resources

These divorce resources and tools can help you find affordable options and reliable services to achieve the best outcome in your divorce. You'll be able to find lawyers and skilled mediators who focus on divorce and family law in your area, parenting education to help minimize the effects of divorce on your children, online divorce services, and more.

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Online Divorce Resources

This uncontested divorce service can help you complete your own divorce petition and supporting documents easily. By using the intuitive question and answer format, the online software covers over 100 issues and is able to personalize you paperwork to your unique circumstances.

Once completed, you'll be able to print the documents for you and your spouse as well as the instructions for filing your paperwork. You can immediately review your completed divorce papers in some states and within a 24 hour period for other states. This is the one of the easiest ways to do your own divorce. They even offer "Real Person" customer support and various downloadable books and checklists to help you make informed decisions and understand the divorce process.

Parent Education Classes

Center for Divorce Education 
Phone: 740-594-2526

This site provides parenting education resources which can be accessed online. The purpose of the materials and information offered is to keep children out of the middle of divorce and reduce the impact of divorce on the children. The Center for Divorce Education is a non-profit organization which was formed in 1987 to serve as a resource to help educate legal professionals and parents about ways minimize the damaging effect of divorce on both parents and children.

If you visit the site, you will find various studies that have been done on parental conflict and its effect on children, programs and courses to help parents minimize the impact of their marital problems on their children, and numerous divorce resources to locate further information and help.

If you need to take a parenting class to fulfill court requirements, first find out if the "Children In Between" program is accepted by the court. If it is, you can find out more and sign up to take the class.

Christian Divorce Services

Phone: 614-774-3766

Even Christian marriages can fail. When reconciliation is not possible, Christian Divorce Services provides legal alternatives consistent with 1Cor 6: 1-8. Instead of dealing with the hassle and cost of having to go to court, Christian Divorce Services can help structure a settlement agreement through their arbitration and mediation services. They can help you work through custody issues and develop a parenting plan that works for everyone involved. They will also assist in helping you work out a separation agreement so your assets and debts will be divided in a fair and reasonable fashion. Please Contact Michael Wayland for a referral to a local office. Christian Divorce Services has locations in every state.

Mediators is the premier site on mediation. You can locate a mediator in your area, whether it's in the United States or world-wide. They include a description of the mediator's services, location and contact information, as well as a link to their website. They also offer a variety of articles on the different aspects of mediation, with a section specifically for divorce and family law issues. This is a great place to start if you are considering mediation in your divorce.

Directory of Lawyers and Law Firms is one of the oldest and most established directories of attorneys and law firms in the United States. You can search for local attorneys to find out more about their credentials and experience, what practice areas they specialize in, and how big the firm is. You can also read through peer and client reviews, get contact information, and more. If you haven't selected an attorney to handle you case yet, it's worth checking out before you make a choice.

State Divorce Laws and Resources

Review the relevant divorce laws for your state. There is also information to help you access child support guidelines, calculators, divorce forms, and other divorce resources such as support groups and domestic violence information.

Divorce Magazine

Get the latest issue of the Divorce Magazine in digital format. Published since 1996, this magazine is devoted solely to the needs of people experiencing a divorce or separation. This is not some black-and-white report, but rather a full-color lay out like other major magazines, so it's interesting to read. With focused articles to help you get through the divorce process and tips to help you deal with all the issues, it is definitely worth taking the time to read.

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