Is Your Attorney Meeting Your Expectations?

Just what makes a good lawyer and how do you know if they'll meet your expectations? Here are a few things to keep in mind both before and after hiring someone to represent you in your divorce case.

How to Assess if an Attorney will Meet Your Expectations

A divorce attorney is worth their weight in gold. They help their clients in custody battles and in settlement disputes. The difference between a good lawyer and a bad one is huge - a good lawyer will fight to get the best outcome for their client.

A lot of people go cheap when it comes to legal representation, but this is a colossal mistake. When choosing a divorce attorney, make sure to interview them first and get plenty of references. If this sounds right up your alley, then here is how to assess if a divorce attorney is meeting your expectations!

Communication is key

When dealing with legal matters, people often become lost and confused. A skilled lawyer will be able to communicate with their clients about how the process works. When there is a change in the process, whether good or bad, the lawyer needs to inform their client.

When assessing an attorney, consider their communication habits; including how long they take to respond and how often they are available on the phone. If something is difficult for you to understand, make sure your lawyer puts everything in layman's terms.

Remember, communication is key when it comes to legal matters. If concerns are not addressed and communication falters, it may be time to find a new lawyer.

Discuss Legal Fees

Lawyers are notorious for charging high amounts of money for representation. Paying high amounts for proper representation is okay if there is a lot at stake and your lawyer gets results. Just make sure the lawyer is honest with their billing. Some lawyers have up-front billing charges, while others have a confusing fee schedule.

Make sure to obtain itemized billing statements and verify all of the charges. An unethical lawyer may add in costs or charge their client one billing hour for a simple five minute phone call. Immediately fire any lawyer who is dishonest about their billing practices.

Determine Your Expectations

Write down what your expectations are. A divorce can cost someone their children, assets and future earnings, so when choosing a lawyer and preparing for a divorce, write down the goals you want to accomplish.

Be wary of a lawyer that makes promises, as nothing can be promised in divorce court. A qualified attorney needs to work towards the expectations set by the client, and if they do not meet expectations, they need to be fired.

Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition is an exceptionally strong thing to possess. If you do not feel valued when speaking to a lawyer, you need to explore alternatives. For a variety of reasons, an attorney may make their client nervous or apprehensive.

Be sure to bring up any issues, no matter how small, with the lawyer. Always take care of any small problems before they become a large problem. Remember, if a lawyer makes their client comfortable and happy, they are probably a competent lawyer.

I really cannot overemphasize how important it is to get the best representation when getting divorced. A good divorce attorney is worth their weight in gold and can save their clients thousands of dollars. Before hiring a lawyer, interview them and make sure they will represent you in a fair and just manner. A divorce attorney needs to meet your expectations, and should be fired if they fail to do so.

by Ron Morales

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