Shared Parenting Custody Calendar Software

By WomansDivorce Staff 

A shared parenting custody calendar is an important tool for divorced parents. Having an easy way to keep up with which weekends the kids will spend with your ex and where they will spend the different holidays can save a lot of last-minute hassles. You can also keep notes on doctor's appointments, visitation issues, and anything else going on in your children's lives. If this sounds like something you could use, Custody Xchange is a great calendar system designed specifically to handle the various visitation and custody issues.

What can this software do?

Custody Xchange is a computer software program designed specifically for divorced parents to document everything involving their children. For example, it can be used to:

  • Create a parenting schedule - If you haven't established a parenting schedule yet, you can create different plans (either using the pre-defined samples or create one from scratch) to show to your ex. This is easier and clearer than writing everything out by hand. Plus it's simple to update when you finally settle on a plan that will work for everyone.
  • Include parenting provisions - These provisions can go into your final parenting plan. What's handy about this function is that you can build your own customized parenting plan detailing the specifics of legal and physical custody. You can also include specific provisions covering child-care options, passport consent, health insurance coverage, etc. You can even print out the final report which contains the most common legal language contained in parenting plans.
  • Document all the important details - If it looks like your custody case will be going to court, the journal and record-keeping functions will help your case immensely because it will give you a detailed report of all things that happen in your children's lives. You can track time-differences and the reasons why visitation didn't occur as scheduled. Plus, it comes in handy to write down notes if your child is sick or having problems in school.
  • View the parenting plan calendar at a glance - There is a calendar function that makes building a visual calendar a snap. It's color-coded so you (and the kids) can readily see who has the kids on certain days. You can add reminders or update your calendar simply and easily and even export it to your iPhone or into Outlook. You can print out copies to give to your ex, hang on the wall, or take with you to court.
  • Keep track of vacations and holidays - Since summer vacation and holiday visitation over-ride regular visitation, this software makes it easy to document everything so there are no misunderstandings.

If you're more of a visual type person, you can view color-coded charts showing the actual dates and times the kids spent with both you and your ex. And you can even print out this information to have a physical copy.

Custody Xchange can help you organize all of your custody and visitation information.If you need help keeping track of everything, click the following link to learn more about this parenting custody calendar program.

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